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Top 7 Food Trucks - Los Angeles 2017

Posted on 7 June 2017 by Jose

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Finding the best food truck is a great way to enjoy some of the food that you want on the road. However, what you need to realize in a large city like Los Angeles it is nearly impossible to find the best food truck to eat at. So you need to make sure you check out our top 7 list of food trucks in Los Angeles. 

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  • 7. The Lime Truck @thelimetruck -

    When you want to have some great food you will want to try out The Lime Truck. The lime green color makes it very easy for you to find this truck as well. The truck has a variety of foods, but our favorite is the Ahi Tuna Tacos.

  • 6. The Greasy Wiener @TheGreasyWiener -

    At the Greasy Wiener you will notice it is going to have some of the best hot dogs around. Yes, the name it funny, but the food is far from funny as it is simply amazing. When eating at the Greasy Wiener you will find it amazing if you get the menu item called the Bomb.

  • 5. South Philly Experience @South-Philly-Experience -

    South Philly Experience brings a touch of Philadelphia to Los Angeles. What is great is the food, but also the unique foods that you get in LA from the Philadelphia perspective. Our favorite dish from here is the cheesesteak that is a stunning dish for the entire family to enjoy. 

  • 4. India Jones Chow Truck @India-Jones-Chow-Truck -

    India Jones is a place you will like if you enjoy the Indian food. Now this food truck does have some of the authentic foods you will enjoy, but it also has some of the food you may have never heard of before. The favorite dish we get from here is Samosa Chaat.

  • 3. Free Range -

    Free Range is a great place to get a bite on the go when you are looking for great food that is fantastic eats. At Free Range you will notice it is going to have some of the best food possible and even has some vegetarian options available. Our favorite option off the menu is the fried chicken. 

  • 2. El Chato Taco Truck @ElChatoTacoTruck -

    Sometimes you will want to think about the taco trucks that are present and try to figure out which one is the best around. This is when you should know about El Chato Taco Truck and the great food it has. The food that you get from El Chato is amazing and our personal favorite is the street tacos. 

  • 1. Mariscos Jalisco @mariscosjalisco -

    Are you looking for a great Mexican style food truck? If you are then you will want to make sure you know about Mariscos Jalisco. This is a food truck that is completely no frills that you are going to enjoy. Our favorite dish from Mariscos is the shrimp tacos. 

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