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Top 7 Food Trucks In San Francisco

Posted on 17 February 2017 by Sue

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Senor Sisig

San Francisco is a great town to travel to, but it is a place that has a lot of mystery and intrigue as well. However, one aspect you will love about San Francisco is the great food trucks that are in the city for you to enjoy. With that being the case, you should learn about the top 7 food trucks in San Francisco. 

If you are not into the food truck scene, but still want to learn about San Francisco then check out our San Francisco travel page. 

  • 7. Kasa Indian Eatery @KasaIndian -

    Indian style cuisine from a food truck may seem a little on the odd side. However, this is exactly what you get from Kasa Indian Eatery. Our favorite dish from Kasa's is the Lamb Curry Kati Roll, which has the perfect balance of taste and flavor. 

  • 6. Scotch Bonnet @ScotchBonnet510 -

    Jerk food in San Francisco may seem like a rarity, which it is. However, Scotch Bonnet has perfected the jerk foods and they have some of the best food in town. Our personal favorite is the old standby of jerk chicken. 

  • 5. Slider Shack @slidershacksf -

    The Slider Shack specializes in sliders and let me tell you, the quality of the slider is out of this world. The personal favorite we love is the Kalua Pork. This is a slow roasted in the traditional way, but the food is excellent and the quality will leave your mouth watering for more. 

  • 4. Blue Iguana Taco Truck @blueiguanatruck -

    Blue Iguana may have an odd name, but the food is far from odd and is often the best that you can find. The Blue Iguana is a place that has some of the best tacos from a food truck. However, our personal favorite is their Super Burrito stuffed with the Pollo Asado.

  • 3. Bowl'd Acai @bowldacai -

     Acai may not be popular in a lot of areas, but in San Francisco it definitely is a popular drink and food. Either way Bowl'd Acai serves the best acai we have ever had. Our personal favorite is the smoothie that they have named the Berry White. 

  • 2. Bacon Bacon @baconbaconsf -

    Bacon Bacon is a food truck that will be mind blowing. Obviously the main focus of the food truck is bacon. However, it is also going to be a great meal option for a quick bite to eat. Our favorite meal is the The New Yorker B.E.C. which reminds us a lot of the meals we would get in New York. 

  • 1. Senor Sisig @senorsisig -

    Senor Sisig is a great food truck that has a great Filipino/Mexican food twist. The food is great and the people who work in the truck are awesome. Our personal favorite dish is the Senor Sisig Burrito. This is a great meal that when served with the chicken is so filling you may not want dinner that night. 

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