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Top 7 Cruises - Caribbean

Posted on 26 April 2017 by Jerry

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Face it one of the best ways to see the Caribbean is by getting on a ship and sailing the waters. With that being the case, you should know about the top 7 cruises in the Caribbean so you can enjoy the trip you are about to embark upon.

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  • 7. Disney Wonder @DisneyCruise -

    Disney Wonder is one of the older boats in the fleet, but it was recently updated and these updates have allowed this ship to become one of the most family friendly boats in the Disney line. What is even more amazing is the adventure you will get each time you step foot on the cruise ship.

  • 6. Seven Seas Mariner @Regent-Seven-Seas-Mariner -

    Sometimes you just want to have a closer relationship with the staff on the cruise and that is what you get with the Seven Seas Mariner as this ship allows you to have an almost exclusive 1 to 1 ratio of staff to cruise goers. However, what is really nice is the way the cruise ship is laid out makes it easy to get anywhere and see what you want to see, the beauty of the area. 

  • 5. Riviera @oceaniacruises -

    Magnificent views from any spot on the cruise liner is key when you are on the Riviera cruises. That is exactly what you get here as the cruise is going to take you mainly around the Southern part of the Caribbean and even into the areas of Cozumel and such. Overall, a great cruise that you will remember for years to come.  

  • 4. Seven Seas Explorer @Regent-Seven-Seas-Explorer -

    Regent Cruises has the Seven Seas Explorer here and it is a stunning piece of work. The ship has plenty of things for you to see and do, but it also has some of the best stops for the port of calls that you can imagine. Just have to make sure you are looking for the right thing at the port and you can easily have a great time. 

  • 3. Serenade of the Seas @Royal-Caribbean-Cruises -

    Have you heard of Royal Caribbean before? If you have then you need to know Serenade of the Seas is one of their ships and it is a stunning piece of work. The ship is updated and has managed to provide thousands of people with the time of their life. With all the pools, dining rooms, and large crew you are sure to be treated like royalty. 

  • 2. Regal Princess @PrincessCruises -

    The Regal Princess is from the Princess Cruise line and it is a fairly new ship as the ship is 4 years old as of this writing. The cruise makes plenty of port of call stops, but it also has plenty of onboard activities to do as well. Overall, a great cruise that provides you with plenty to do and see while on the cruise. 

  • 1. Disney Fantasy @DisneyCruise -

    The Disney company is well known for the great theme parks, but now they have a cruise line as well. This is a great cruise to take if you are a parent as they have safe kids areas, but they also have different things just for the adults as well. Throw in all the amenities and you are bound to have a great vacation on a Disney cruise line. 

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