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Top 7 Countries To Visit - Asia

Posted on 19 April 2017 by Thangh

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Traveling to Asia is very exciting, but only if you select the right country to travel to. With all the countries in Asia it can be a challenge to narrow down your choices. Rest easy because we have narrowed down the top 7 countries in Asia for you to travel to.

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  • 7. China -

    The manufacturing giant of a country is one you will enjoy visiting. The country is regulated, but they are on the lookout for new income streams. Traveling here can be very exciting and fun even if you are using a guide to help you get around the country.

  • 6. India -

    India may be seen as a crowded place that you would not want to travel to. However, India is a place that we love and with the culture and different regions you can visit it is easy to experience something new and awe inspiring compared to what you would normally encounter.

  • 5. UAE -

    Dubai is a city in the country of UAE and it has transformed the country to a destination location. The city and country have both become a destination well known for great luxury.

  • 4. Israel -

    Trying to find a great country that is considered one of the most holiest as well? Then check out Israel. This country is one of the best places to visit if you want to experience history firsthand and if you want to walk in the same area that Jesus lived in.

  • 3. Philippines -

    The tail of two countries happens here with the South mainly being Muslim and the North being Catholic. Either way the country has a diverse culture from these traditions. Add in the great beaches that are found in the Philippines and you can easily find a great place to travel to.

  • 2. Singapore -

    This is a country that used to belong to Britain. However, it is now independent and it shows. The country is small, but has a stunning history. Throw in some great food and a culture that has interweaved a lot of different traditions and you have a great country to visit.

  • 1. Japan -

    Japan is a country known for all of the electronics they have and produce. In fact, a trip to the electronics store is like going to a theme park. Throw in the rich culture and history of the area and you have a country that you will find something to dofor everyone in the family.

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