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Top 7 Coffeehouses - New York City

Posted on 14 June 2017 by Bridget

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happy bones

Drinking coffee is great way to start off your morning. However, you will find in New York City they literally have a coffee shop on almost every corner of the road. So which one is the best coffee shop? Well, rest easy we have ranked the top 7 coffee shops in New York City. 

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  • 7. Ground Support @groundsupport -

    Ground Support is a great place that you are going to like because it has some of the great coffee, but also lovely benches for you to sit down and enjoy your cup and people watch. Our favorite coffee from here is anything that has the excellent house blend coffee they have. 

  • 6. El Ray @elreycoffeebarnyc -

    Getting the best of California from the coffeehouses in New York is a great thing. El Ray takes the California approach from the decor to the drinks for the food that you will find here. Our favorite drink from El Ray is any of the coffee they have available. 

  • 5. La Colombe @La-Colombe -

    La Colombe is a great coffee shop that has a very tasting coffee that you are going to fall in love with. The coffee is very smooth and has a great taste to it as well. Even with the very minimalist approach it is easy to have a great time. The coffee that we love from La Colombe draft latte.  

  • 4. Summers @summersbrooklyn -

    Have you wanted to get a slice of California in New York City? If so then you have to try out Summers as they are a coffeehouse that has managed to get some of the best coffee and put a California twist on it. The drink that we love from Summers is the fact the coffee is very smooth and tasty. 

  • 3. Coffee Project @coffeeprojectny -

    Have you ever wanted to experiment with coffee? So did the owners of the Coffee Project location. They have taken and made coffee an art form here and come up with great drinks. Our favorite drink that we love the drink they consider the Project One. 

  • 2. Maman @mamannyc -

    Maman is a place that has the colorful colored plates you see on a lot of websites and commercials being shown with the different cups of coffee. The plates have the classy and elegant blue color you will like. At Maman we love the lavender infused hot chocolate. 

  • 1. Happy Bones @happybonesnyc -

    Happy Bones is by far one of the best coffeehouses to drink a great cup of joe at. The place has a very calming atmosphere that has some local art work hanging up from Little Italy. What we really love from Happy Bones is the famous Flat White. 

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