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Top 7 Coffee Shops - Nashville

Posted on 27 April 2017 by Danielle

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Eighth and Roast

Coffee is a great way to start your morning, but it is also a great way to enjoy a vacation because it allows you to connect with the locals. With that being the case we have started to rank the top 7 coffee shops in Nashville.

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  • 7. Edgehill Cafe @edgehillcafe -

    Edgehill is a place that you will like because it has a very chic style of feel to it. However, you may also enjoy the fact this is a place that tends to use more of the Southern Breakfast feel that you will like to have as well. 

  • 6. Dunn Brothers Coffee @DunnBrosNash -

    Dunn Brothers is a place that you will like because of the great brews they provide you with. However, Dunn Brothers will have some of the best drinks you can find at a local coffee shop. What else is nice is the coffee that you are getting from Dunn Brothers is sustainability grown.  

  • 5. Barista Parlor @baristaparlor -

    Sometimes you just want to have an industrial feel to the coffee shop because it seems to be more manly for the coffee. That is what you get at Barista Parlor which is a great location for coffee and seasonal food that you will absolutely love. 

  • 4. Steadfast Coffee @steadfastcoffee -

    Steadfast is a great coffee shop that you are going to love with the coffee they offer, but also the roasts that are present. The setting of the restaurant is minimalist and more of an industrial location. The coffee and food is fairly seasonal at the coffeehouse, but it is a great place that you will like.  

  • 3. Ugly Mugs Coffee & Tea @uglymugs -

    Ugly Mugs has a great, laid back atmosphere that you would want to have in a coffee shop, but also a great place that has some great coffee. The food is superb as well and definitely something you will want to drink. 

  • 2. Bongo Java @bongojava -

    Bongo Java is a great place that you will find has some great food to go along with the coffee. However, unlike most places that are just going to use breakfast foods, Bongo Java allows you to have some great food choices. Our favorite drink is the black coffee combined with some of the food and it is a great quality. 

  • 1. Eighth and Roast @eighthandroast -

    Eighth and Roast is a place that has a great atmosphere and is going to make you fall in love with the location. We love the roast and the food they have for a breakfast meal. Our personal favorite roast is the Cafe Au Lait, which blows any of the chain places out of the water. 

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