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Top 7 Coffee Shops - Louisville

Posted on 30 August 2017 by Todd

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Quills Coffee

Coffee and pastries are one of the best ways to start off your morning. The problem that a lot of people have while traveling is it is nearly impossible for them to know which coffee shop is the best one to go to. We know this is a major issue for a lot of people when they travel around the country and that is why we have ranked the top 7 coffee shops in Louisville.

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  • 7. Heine Brothers Coffee @HeineBrothersCoffee -

    Heine Brothers is a place that you will enjoy because of the great latte, that we love. Not to mention the coffee shops have a drive thru which makes it easier for you to get into the coffee shop and enjoy your coffee without having to get out of your car.

  • 6. Fante's Coffee @FantesCoffee -

    Sometimes a coffee shop needs to have an atmosphere that is relaxing at times, but also offers live music as well. That is what you get when you go to Fante's for the live music and great drinks. The coffee is lively and prepared perfectly for what you want to have as a drink. 

  • 5. Day's Espresso & Coffee @DaysEspressoAndCoffee -

    With the perfect seating you will find Day's Espresso & Coffee to be a place that has dreams to be made with drinks and food. The place has some great espresso drinks that you can enjoy as well. From Days you will want to get the Mandarin Green Tea that is simply amazing. 

  • 4. Please & Thank You @Please-Thank-You -

    With a lot of coffee shops they tend to have some great pastries that are going to go along great with the coffee. Please & Thank You is one of those places that has some of the great food that you can enjoy. What you really have to try with the coffee is the cinnamon toast that is out of this world. 

  • 3. Sunergos Coffee @SunergosCoffee -

    Sunergos Coffee is a place that you will love because it has some very nice digs to it. However, it also has a great drink that you can enjoy as well. The drink that we love the most from here is the Dirty Chai Tea. 

  • 2. Highland Coffee @highlandcoffeecompany -

    Highland Coffee is a place that has some great drinks and plenty of seating for you to enjoy sitting down. What is really nice is the place allows you to have some great time with friends because they are going to have a good time talking. The drink that we love is the plain coffees. 

  • 1. Quills Coffee @Quills-Coffee -

    Quills Coffee is a place that started in Louisville and is starting to branch out into other places, like Louisville. This is a great coffee shop that has some great food to enjoy, but also fantastic drinks. The drink that we love from Quills is Salted Bourbon Caramel Latte.

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