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Top 7 Coffee Shops 2017 - Palm Springs

Posted on 25 June 2017 by Elizabeth

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Ernest Coffee Shop

Getting a cup of coffee is the typical way for people to start off the morning. The problem that can creep up for a lot of people is when they are in a new town they are not aware of the best coffee shops to visit. To help save the headache, I have decided it was time to rank the top 7 coffee shops in Palm Springs. 

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  • 7. Lulu California Bistro @LuluPalmSprings -

    Lulu California Bistro is a place that has some stunning food that you are going to enjoy eating. However, what else is great about Lulu is the fact it has some great drinks to compliment the food and the views. What we love about Lulu is the fact they have an amazing cappuccino.  

  • 6. Norma's @misterparkersps -

    Norma's is a great place to go for a quick bite to eat in the morning and to get a fantastic cup of coffee. What is really great is the friendly staff that is around to help you out in getting the food and drinks you need. What we really love is all the breakfast options with the drinks that compliment the meals. 

  • 5. Farm @FARM.PalmSprings -

    Farm is a French style breakfast restaurant that you are sure to fall in love with. The place has great food and an good and relaxing atmosphere. When you are at Farm, make sure you try the French Press coffee that is simply to die for. 

  • 4. Ristretto @ristrettops -

    Ristretto is a coffee shop that has a tendency to try to keep everything fresh by using the organic products as much as possible. Our favorite drink from Ristretto is the caramel lattes that are to die for. 

  • 3. The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf @thecoffeebean -

    The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a place you will really like because it has some great coffee and a fantastic atmosphere. Not to mention it offers tea as a drink option as well. The drink that we love from here is nothing more than a simple espresso. 

  • 2. Koffi -

    Koffi is a place that you are going to love because it has some of the best roasters in town. The place roast most of their own beans that they sell and use in the drinks they are giving out. Our personal favorite drink from Koffi is the Latte Freeze. 

  • 1. Ernest Coffee @ernestcoffee -

    Ernest is located in the trendier part of Palm Springs, but it is definitely a place that has plenty going for it. The location has a lot of options in the way of baked goods and even in the coffee that is offered. What we love if the cold brew coffee they have that is simply a stunning drink of its own right. 

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