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Top 7 Chinese Restaurants - Washington DC

Posted on 6 July 2017 by Adam

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Pho 88

When you are in Washington D.C. you should know the food selection is going to abound. Mainly because all of the embassies that are present in D.C., but also because it is the capital. With that being the case, we have narrowed down the top 7 Chinese restaurants in Washington D.C. 

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  • 7. Panda Gourmet @pandagourmetdc -

    Panda Gourmet is not the place to go if you are looking to be impressed by the look of the place. What Panda Gourmet does have is the stunning food that definitely makes up for the shortcomings of the decor. We personally love the Shaanxi biang biang noodles. 

  • 6. Shanghai Taste @Shanghai-Taste -

    Shanghai Taste is a place you will fall in love with quickly and know it is going to have some of the best atmosphere you will like. The place even has some great food that is going to set your taste buds on fire. What we found absolutely amazing is the Garlic Sauce Noodle Soup with Pork. 

  • 5. Nainai's Noodle and Dumpling Bar @nainaisnoodles -

    When you are looking at Nainai's you will notice it is going to have a great feel for it, but also has an atmosphere you will love as well. What is great is Nainai's Noodle and Dumpling bar has the great seared teriyaki SPAM that we actually found quite enjoyable. 

  • 4. Nha Trang @ -

    Nha Trang is a place you will like if you can find it. It is located in the Eden Center, which can seem like a maze at times in its own right. However, Nha Trang does surprise you once you arrive with the great food. We really liked the baby clams with the rice crackers as a great dish. 

  • 3. Big Wang's Cuisine @Big-Wangs-Cuisine -

    When you first reach Big Wang's you may think it is a little bit out their. However, you will find the out their approach and style converts to a care you usually do not see in your food. We personally love the stir fried pigs feet, which are a lot better than what you would think. 

  • 2. Nanjing Bistro @NanjingBistro -

    Nanjing is a place you will like because it has some of the top quality food you would except, but at prices you can afford. The place has a very nice atmosphere as well, which is warm and welcoming, instead of cold and isolated. Personally we love the Nanjing Wonton Soup.

  • 1. Pho 88 @Pho-88-Vietnamese-Restaurant -

    Pho 88 is a Vietnamese place that you are going to find as a stunning rendition of the Vietnamese food. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is a great one for you to enjoy as well. Our favorite dish is the pho with chin, which is simply an amazing dish. 

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