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Top 7 Chinese Restaurants - New Orleans

Posted on 27 November 2017 by Larry

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Chinese Food

New Orleans is a great party town, but it is definitely a place you will love because of the party like atmosphere. However, what you will find amazing is the great food options available in New Orleans. Here we are going to cover the top 7 Chinese restaurants in New Orleans. 

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  • 7. Dragon King -

    Dragon King is a great Chinese place to hit up in New Orleans. It has some great food and it is going to have some nice atmosphere for you to enjoy as well. What is great about Dragon King is the General Tso's Chicken.

  • 6. Great Wok -

    With a no frills type of setting you will find Great Wok. This is a place that has some great food and an amazing atmosphere to go along with the way it looks. What is amazing from here is the counter service, which allows you to get your food quickly. 

  • 5. Bao & Noodle @BaoandNoodle -

    The Chinese food with noodles is simply amazing and it is definitely something you will like at Bao & Noodle. This is a great place that you will find comfort with hand pulled noodles. No matter what, one thing you have to get from here is the noodles.

  • 4. Ming's @mingslakeview -

    Ming's is a place that has some good food and a nice atmosphere you can have as well for the relaxing aspect of the meal. The dish we love the most from here is the hot and sour soup.

  • 3. Red's Chinese @RedsChineseBywater -

    Red's Chinese is a great place to go and has some amazing atmosphere as well. The place is very laid back as well when it comes to the atmosphere and the creative Chinese food is amazing. Our favorite dish is the crawfish rangoon.

  • 2. Five Happiness -

    Five Happiness is a great place to go out and enjoy some amazing food. However, what else is great about Five Happiness is they take the food a step up to the level that you never would have expected to reach before. What we really love from here is the Mined Shrimp with Lettuce Wrap.

  • 1. New China Restaurant -

    New China is a great place that has put a very unique twist onto the modern and traditional Chinese food. The place has some great options on the menu and our favorite, to go along with the decor is the Boneless Chicken.

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