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Top 7 Chili - Cincinnati

Posted on 23 February 2017 by Kim

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Camp Washington Chili

Chili is something the Queen City is famous for and in some cases they try to lay claim to the first city having a 3 way, 4 way or a 5 way. However, with this fame of chili comes a lot of restaurants all claiming they have the best chili in town. So, what restaurant is the best for chili? Find out in our Top 7 Chili Parlors in Cincinnati. 

If you do not like chili, but want to know more about Cincinnati, then check out our Cincinnati travel page. 

  • 7. JK's Chili @JKs-Chili -

    JK's is a place that is open for breakfast and lunch. However, they are generally closed for the evening hours. The restaurant has decent food at a reasonable price. Our favorite menu item from the restaurant is the cheese coney. A great coney at an affordable price. 

  • 6. Gourmet Chili @Gourmet-Chili -

    Located in Northern Kentucky in Newport you will find Gourmet Chili. This is a restaurant that has quite a bit of food for you to enjoy, but the chili is definitely what takes this place over the top. Our favorite dish from Gourmet Chili is the chili and spaghetti, which is a mind blowing dish. 

  • 5. Price Hill Chili @pricehillchili -

    Price Hill Chili is a great restaurant that is family owned and is well known in the Queen City. The restaurant has some great classic foods that you will come to love and if you are on the West Side of Cincinnati it is a must stop. From Price Hill Chili we love to get the big daddy, the 5 way which has chili, beans, spaghetti, cheese, and onions.

  • 4. Chili Time Restaurant @Chili-Time-Restaurant -

    This is a place that opened in the 1960s and has quickly become a dietary staple. The location is not well known, but the hidden secret is what makes it a great place to stop at. The location has great chili and serves breakfast as well. Our personal favorite from here is the Chili Sandwich, but add some cheese to make it great. 

  • 3. Pleasant Ridge Chili @pleasantridge.chili -

    Pleasant Ridge Chili is another place that has become a Cincinnati staple. The location offers some great chili and late hours for people who want to eat late into the night. Our favorite dish from Pleasant Ridge Chili is the full order of the 4-way. Once you start to eat it you can see why Pleasant Ridge Chili made our top 7 list. 

  • 2. Blue Ash Chili @theblueashchili -

    Blue Ash Chili is another restaurant that has made it to Food Network fame. The location has some of the best chili that we have had and it tends to be seasoned perfectly. Our favorite dish from Blue Ash Chili is nothing more than a simple Guy's Way from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives fame. 

  • 1. Camp Washington Chili @CampWashChili -

    Camp Washington Chili is a Cincinnati staple and definitely a location that you will want to visit. The location has been on several Food Network shows featuring our favorite dish, the chili dog. No matter how you like your chili you have to try the chili dog from here, guarantee you will not want to try any other places chili dogs again. 

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