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Top 7 Chicken Wing Restaurants - Miami

Posted on 23 December 2017 by Sandy

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Flanigans Seafood bar and grill

Chicken wings are a great food to grab before you are getting ready to head out to the beach or the city of Miami. However, where should you go to get this great meal you can eat on the go if you want? Well, I have found that it is easy to find the best places if you know about the top 7 chicken wing restaurants in Miami.

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  • 7. Wingstop @Wingstop -

    Wingstop is a great chain style restaurant that specializes in chicken wings. What is really great from here is the lemon pepper wings. Not to mention this is a great place to go that has some good atmosphere and people. 

  • 6. Michael's Genuine Food & Drink @michaelsgenuine -

    Michael's is a great bar location that you are going to like because it has some amazing drinks and great food for you to enjoy. What we really love about Michael's Genuine Food & Drink is the shrimp and grits that you can have with the wings. 

  • 5. House of Wings @HouseOfWingsMiami -

    House of Wings is a place you are going to enjoy because it has some great atmosphere for you to enjoy. What is really nice about this location is the fact the South Beach Flavors you have here are amazing.

  • 4. Batch Gastropub @BatchMiami -

    Batch is a place that is more of a gastropub location that you are going to love. However, what you will really like outside of the beautiful and lively location is the wings. We really love the wings that have the blue cheese foam.

  • 3. The Butcher Shop @thebutchershopmiami -

    The Butcher Shop is a great place you are going to really want to go to and enjoy some great food and a lively atmosphere. What is really great about here is the apricot glazed chicken wings.

  • 2. Sakaya Kitchen @sakayakitchen -

    When you are in Miami you know it has a lot of food options, but what you will find is Sakaya Kitchen has some great and amazing Asian fusion type of food that you are going to love. What is really great here is the Korean chicken wings.

  • 1. Flanigan's Seafood Bar And Grill @FlanigansNorthMiami -

    When you want to go to get some great food you will want to hit up Flanigan's. This is a place that has some of the best wings we have ever had, but it also has some amazing atmosphere as well. No matter what, you will want to sit down here and enjoy some great wings with a pitcher of beer. 

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