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Top 7 Burger Restaurants In New Orleans

Posted on 6 February 2017 by Larry

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Cowbell nola

Hamburger restaurants can be a culinary experience, but only if you find the right burger restaurant to eat at. When you are in New Orleans the city has a lot of choices in burger restaurants. We know this can be a challenge, so we have decided to list the top 7 hamburger restaurants in New Orleans.

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  • 7. New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood @nohsc -

    This is a burger chain in New Orleans and we are talking about the location in the beautiful French Quarter with a beautiful location to go with it. At the location we love the garlic fries and the Grand Parade burger, which has the perfect balance of beef taste with the smoked bacon and bleu cheese taste.

  • 6. Capdeville @mayorcapdeville -

    Capdeville is a great gourmet burger place that is a must stop. The hamburger restaurant serves the classic poutine fries, and our favorite burger from the location is the Black and Bleu Burger. Once you have this burger your mouth will want to have bleu cheese on any future burger.

  • 5. Teds Frostop @teds_frostop -

    Ted's Frostop will remind you of the classic diner of old times. The food you get is excellent and very good quality, but the atmosphere helps to make the place. Our favorite menu item, outside of the awesome root beer is the Big Bopper Burger.

  • 4. GB's Patio Bar & Grill @gbnola -

    GB's is a place that serves some great burgers, but they stand out by having a great veggie burger option as well. Either way our favorite burger is the straightforward hamburger with grated cheese and bacon. Throw in the fantastic homemade desserts and you have a complete meal.

  • 3. Port of Call @portofcallnola -

    Port of Call is a great location for a lot of reasons, which is why it landed in our second spot. The location serves four burgers and they are all equally great tasting. Our personal favorite is the mushroom cheeseburger with the chives and bacon added onto the burger.

  • 2. Company Burger @CompanyBurger -

    Really close to being #1 in New Orleans Burger rankings but either way Company Burger is full of some of our favorites. Our favorite is the Single - fresh made bread, perfectly cooked burger, and pickles & Onions. Add in the Company's great shakes and fries and you will see why it's Love and Burgers in one.

  • 1. Cowbell @cowbellnola -

    Situated in an old gas station you are going to love the atmosphere that is present here. Throw in the perfectly cooked Locally World Famous Cowbell Burger with the added on homemade BBQ sauce and you have a great burger to enjoy.

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