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Top 7 Burger Restaurants in Boston for 2016

Posted on 1 August 2016 by Kim

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Beantown is know for it's amazing seafood and is one of the bigger foodie towns in the United States. Boston Hamburger scene has been turned up over the past decade and now is one of the more competitive. With so many hamburger restaurants it would take Boston visitors or locals way too much time to figure out who are the best. Instead we have done the legwork for everyone, check out our Top 7 Boston hamburger restaurants.

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  • 7. Wild Willy's Burgers @WWBurgers -

    Wild Willys Burgers is a classic burger restaurant. The restaurant serves the traditional burgers, which are made to order, and cooked to perfection. Our favorite burger at Wild Willy's is the Bubba BBQ - comes with Barbecue sauce, onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, and pickles.

  • 6. Wahlburgers @Wahlburgers -

    The famous Wahlburg family has dipped their toe in the Burger business and it's been instant hit in and around Boston. Of course the reality show revolving around the Wahlburg family and the Wahlburgers restaurants have not hurt their popularity. But, it's the great burgers that keep the masses coming back. Love the Triple Decker - comes with lettuce, onion, tomato, and with Paul's great wahl sauce.

  • 5. JM Curley @jmCurleybar -

    Restaurant has great atmosphere and drinks but it's the great burgers and fries that keeps JM Curley near the top in Boston. Our #1 fries in Boston go great with any of the JM Curley burgers. Our favorite burger is jmC 8 oz grass fed burger, comes with cheddar cheese, grilled onions, pickles, and the amazing pop's Russian sauce.

  • 4. Tasty Burgers @TastyBurgerUSA -

    The most famous Boston burger chain Tasty Burger has provided the food that Boston locals have grown up with. Love all the classics at Tasty Burgers but looking for something different we have fallen in love with the Gorgonzola. The Gorgonzola comes with Blue Cheese, and crumbled bacon on the amazingly perfectly cooked Tasty Burger patties.

  • 3. Four Burgers @fourburgers -

    Locally sourced meats make the best hamburgers. Four Burgers realized this and has capitalized on the local food movement. Combines classic fast food burgers but at gourmet quality standards. Perfect classic burgers with something for everyone. Our favorite is the Double Cheese Burger.

  • 2. The Gallows @SEgallows -

    Not just a burger restaurant but you won't know it as The Gallows burgers are amazing. Great drinks, starters, and entree's but we never pass up a chance to get our favorite the LA Hambourgeios. The La Hambourgeios has blue cheese, dijonaise, and truffle aioli over perfectly cooked burger.

  • 1. Boston Burger Company @BostonBurgerCo -

    This place has become Boston classic and famous nation wide since the Food Networks Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives came and names this place as having top 15 burgers in the history of their show. Love this place all the burgers are amazing but our favorite is the Hot Mess. The Hot Mess is topped with thousand islands, pickles, american cheese, lettuce, sweet potato fries, and jalapeños. 

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