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Top 7 Budget Friendly Hotels - Seattle

Posted on 22 June 2017 by Erica

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Roosevelt Hotel

When you are traveling you need to make sure you find the right place to stay at and can afford. However, when you go to a place like Seattle you know they have a ton of hotel options to select from. This is why we have ranked the top 7 hotels in Seattle. 

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  • 7. Inn at Queen Anne @InnatQueenAnne -

    Situated in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle you will find the Inn. This is a stylish hotel that has taken up the classic European style of hotels for elegance and great look. What else is great about this hotel is the fact that the hotel is only a half mile away from Olympic Park. 

  • 6. Hotel Deca @HotelDeca -

    What started out as an art exhibit and was opened during the art deco period you will find the Hotel Deca. The hotel is one that has been renovated, but it is one that kept a lot of the original world charm that was present in 1931 when it opened its doors for the first time. 

  • 5. Sleep Inn SeaTAC @sleepinnseatac -

    The Sleep Inn is not in the city proper, but it is only a quick light rail system ride away. However, this is a place that will make it easier for you to have a great trip because you are going to get a chance to go into town easily and enjoy the fact this is a branded property and has to live up to the same standard.

  • 4. Moore Hotel @MooreHotel -

    The Moore Hotel is a quasi landmark in the city. However, it is a great hotel that is going to allow you to find a great place to stay and have a great time because of where it is located. The hotel does have a chance of being noisy at times as it does sit atop the Moore Theater. 

  • 3. City Hostel @City-Hostel-Seattle -

    This is a very low price accommodation, but it is definitely one that you will love because it is located perfectly. The City Hostel location in Seattle is located right in between Pike Market and Space Needle, which makes it even more enjoyable for you to stay in.

  • 2. Ace Hotel @AceHotelSeattle -

    The Ace Hotel is not your typical hotel that you would go out and stay in. This is an older flop house that you are going to find as a great turn back to vintage style hotel that is using vintage furniture and even recycled or upcycled pieces in the building. 

  • 1. Roosevelt Hotel @RooseveltHotel -

    If you are looking for an affordable hotel in the downtown region of Seattle then you cannot go wrong with the Roosevelt. This is an older vintage style hotel that allows you to have easy access to all the different downtown features you are going to want to see while visiting Seattle. 

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