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Top 7 Breweries - Seattle

Posted on 30 September 2017 by Erica

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Peddler Brewing

Seattle is often thought about as being one of the best places for you to go and get a cup of coffee. This is very true, but what else is often overlooked is the fact that Seattle has a great micro brew community as well. I love to drink some good beer as much as the next person, so I decided to go out and rank the top 7 microbreweries in Seattle.

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  • 7. Ghost Fish Brewing Company @GhostfishBrewingCompany -

    What is great about Ghost Fish, outside of the amazing drinks and great tasting tray is the fact they take gluten intolerant people into account. This is one of the few breweries we have found that has a gluten free option. 

  • 6. Pike Place Brewing @Pikebrewingcompany -

    Pike Brewing Company is a beautiful place that has its own beer museum and great information. What is really great about Pike Place Brewing Company is the fact they have the brewery you can take tours of and still enjoy the great beer you just seen being brewed.

  • 5. Machine House Brewery @MachineHouseBrewery -

    If you like the English pale ales, then you will like Machine House Brewery. The location has a smaller tasting room, but it is definitely a great place to go and get a drink. The Gold and Dark mild is definitely a great drink.

  • 4. Seapine Brewing @SeapineBrewingCompany -

    Compared to a lot of places you will find Seapine Brewing is a place that is very friendly to the kids and the dogs to. What we love is the seasonal pumpkin ale that is usually available in the fall. 

  • 3. Schooner Exact Brewing @schoonerexact -

    Schooner is a place that has a beautiful outdoor sitting place for you to enjoy. However, what you are going to find is this is a place that is going to really put forth some of the best IPAs you can find in the Northwest style. 

  • 2. Old Stove Brewing @OldStoveBrewingCompany -

    With the renovations that have been made here it is going to be one of of the best places for you to go and get some amazing drinks.The best drink in the house is going to be the stout, that has a perfect smoothness as it goes down.

  • 1. Peddler Brewing Company @PeddlerBrewing -

    Peddler is a location that is a bike lovers paradise. I have to admit, I really love this location because it does have some great beers that are going to be tasting great. No matter what you will find Peddler is geared towards the bikers and going to give you some great beers to drink.

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