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Top 7 Breweries in Boston

Posted on 1 February 2017 by Kim

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Dorchester Brewing

Boston is known for the tea party. However, now Boston is starting to be known as a town with a thriving microbrewery community. In fact, their are so many options it is hard to find the best brewery to stop at and enjoy some good drinks and food. We have decided to rank the top 7 breweries in Boston for you to enjoy.

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  • 7. Harpoon Brewery and Beer Hall @harpoonbrewery -

    Looking for a great time on the town? Then check out Harpoon Brewery and Beer Hall. The location offers great tours of the brewery, but has an excellent tap room. Our personal favorite is the Harpoon Take 5, the brew has a distinct fruity type of flavor that you can enjoy and drink down while thinking about the tropics, instead of the cold Boston winter. 

  • 6. Idle Hands Craft Beers @IdleHandsCraftAles -

    Idle Hands has made some of the best craft brews in Boston for years. However, a lot of the brews are seasonal and run out quickly because of the popularity. With that being the case, our favorite regular ale is the Triplications. This is a brew that has a great type of fruit taste that will give you a great brew to drink down with your excellent pizza. 

  • 5. Lamplighter Brewing Company @LamplighterBrew -

    Lamplighter is a great brewing company and easily one of the best ones in Boston. The taproom has some exclusive beers that you cannot find in the growlers as well. Our personal favorite is the Cherry Pie, which is available in the tap room only. This is a great ale that has a strong flavor of cherry that reminds us of a very strong Cherry Coke. 

  • 4. Winter Hill Brewing Company @indignantbrewingcompany -

    A small location does not mean it does not have great beer on tap. Winter Hill Brewing Company has some great beers on tap, but also a very small food menu for you to enjoy while eating. Our favorite stout on tap is Little Oblivion which is an Imperial Stout with Raspberry added in.

  • 3. Downeast Cider @DowneastCider -

    Downeast Cider is a location you simply cannot pass up. The owners have graduated from college and have the cider brewery running even better. The tasting room and tours are both perfectly blended. When you are at Downeast Cider, make sure you check to see if our seasonal favorite the Blueberry Cinnamon Cider is on tap. 

  • 2. Night Shift Brewing @NightShiftBeer -

    Night Shift Brewing has been around for years and has perfected the brewing process. They have a great tap room, but an atmosphere that is conducive to drinking and meeting people. Our personal favorite drink from Night Shift is the Awake, which has a perfect blend of coffee notes, with chocolate flavor as well. 

  • 1. Dorchester Brewing @dorchesterbrew -

    Dorchester Brewing has started to allow tours of the brewery, but also has a world class tap room. The tap room has some of the best brews that you can ever find. Our personal favorite that they usually have on tap is the Clapp's Cream Ale that has a smooth taste for the back of your throat. 

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