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Top 7 Breakfast Restaurants In Seattle

Posted on 14 February 2017 by Erica

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Biscuit Bitch

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when traveling it is often the most overlooked meal of the day. When you are in Seattle, you will not want to overlook this meal anymore as we have found the Top 7 Breakfast Restaurants in Seattle and have decided to share our secrets with you. 

If you want to learn more about Seattle outside of the breakfast foods, then check out our Seattle Travel Page. 

  • 7. Sweet Iron Waffle Bar @sweetironwaffle -

    Sweet Iron Waffle Bar is a great breakfast meal deal. They use only fresh ingredients, but also source as much as possible from the local region. We have a sweet tooth so our favorite is the Sweet Waffle with the Ice Cream, peanuts, cherries, whipped cream, and don't forget the chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. This dish will make your taste buds leap for joy.

  • 6. Wayward Vegan Cafe @WaywardCafe -

    Vegan restaurants are one of a kind type of places and Wayward Vegan definitely stands out as being a great place. They have all types of food on the menu, but our personal favorite is the Breakfast Club. This meal is very filling and is cooked so well that even if you are not vegan, you will enjoy the dish. 

  • 5. Dish Seattle @thedishsea -

    The Dish in Seattle has a couple of great locations. Both of them serve fantastic food for you to eat, but with two locations you can easily find one of them close by. Our favorite dish from the dish is Jim's Grande. This dish has 3 eggs, two patties, half an avocado, and it is all smothered in perfectly prepared tomatillo sauce. 

  • 4. Ludi's @Ludis-Restaurant-Lounge -

    Ludi's is a place you simply will fall in love with. The location has quality food, you can enjoy, but an atmosphere that goes along with the food. Our favorite dish and easily the most filling is one we spotted enjoy and it is often called the Porksilog, a great meal indeed! 

  • 3. The Hangar Cafe @The-Hangar-Cafe -

    Crepes make a great breakfast and a quick meal on the go. What makes it even better is when the crepes are the best that you could ever eat. That is what you get at Hangar Cafe. Our personal favorite is the Pumpkin Pie Crepe, it just gives us the sweetness we need to start our day. 

  • 2. The Fat Hen @fathenseattle -

    The Fat Hen is a location that serves a different style of breakfast. The restaurant serves the breakfast classics in a New American style, but also has great Italian breakfast as well. Our personal favorite dish is the In Camicia which is simply two eggs with solea tomato, basil, and the clincher mozzarella.  

  • 1. Biscuit Bitch @biscuitbitch -

    Taking our first place is Biscuit Bitch in what was a hotly contested battle. However, this location has a great name and fantastic food that set it apart. Our favorite dish is one that will leave you talking about it all day long, the Cheesy Pork N Bitch, which is Biscuits and Gravy, but it is smothered with cheddar cheese and awesome crumbled bacon.

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