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Top 7 Best US Lighthouses

Posted on 4 June 2014 by Adam

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Lighting the way home, get our Top 7 US Lighthouses. 

Days of erecting lighthouses is over but that doesn't mean these great lighthouses are going anywhere.

Lighthouses have always been associated with mystery and romance. Here are seven of America's best lighthouses:

7. Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine - Five miles from Portland and standing 80 feet tall, Maine's oldest lighthouse keeps watch over the rugged coastline. This stone lighthouse is over two centuries old and has never been rebuilt.

6. Cape Lookout Lighthouse, North Carolina - Standing at 163 feet tall, Cape Lookout Lighthouse is one of five diamond-patterned lighthouses placed roughly forty miles apart on the east coast. Located in the path of many hurricanes, Cape Lookout Lighthouse has nonetheless been standing for over 150 years.

5. Pigeon Point Lighthouse, California - Located in a State Park along the mid-California coast, Pigeon Point Lighthouse is an easy fifty miles south of San Francisco. The original lighthouse keeper's quarters are now used as a hostel.

4. Boston Light, Massachusetts - Lighting up Little Brewster Island since 1783, Boston Light is the second oldest working lighthouse in the country.

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3. Cana Island Lighthouse, Wisconsin - Located over 1,000 miles from the nearest salt water body, Cana Lighthouse is just one of many lighthouses that illuminate the shores of the Great Lakes.

2. Saugerties Lighthouse, New York - The Hudson River's Saugerties Lighthouse offers overnight accommodations in an attached inn. Because the trail to the lighthouse gets flooded at high tide, guests need to plan their visits accordingly.

1. Hecata Head Lighthouse, Oregon - Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Hecata Head Lighthouse towers 205 above breaking waves on the rocky Oregon coastline. An inn is available for overnight guests, and lighthouse tours are available from 11 p.m. to 3 p.m. seven days per week.

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