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Top 7 Best Chicken Wings in New Orleans

Posted on 2 February 2017 by Larry

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We Dats

Chicken wings are one of those meals that you are able to get on the run, but always want to sit down and enjoy. We know that in the South they are known for having some great wing joints. With that being the case, we have decided to narrow down the choice for you by finding the Top 7 Chicken Wing places in New Orleans. 

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  • 7. NOLA @NOLARestaurant -

    Emeril is maybe the most famous chef from New Orleans but he hasn't let that go to his heal. At Emeril's NOLA they have taken the basic chicken wings and took them to the next level. The NOLA specialty appetizer of the stuffed chicken wings finishes off our Top 7 Best wings in New Orleans.

  • 6. MoPho @MOPHONOLA -

    Nothing says great wings other than the Southeast Asian food. At MoPho they have taken the traditional chicken wing and thrown in quite a few different seasonings that you are going to absolutely love and enjoy because you are going to get the Asian taste of the wings. 

  • 5. Bayou Hot Wings @bayouhotwings -

    The Bayou Hot Wings location is famous as it was featured by Adam Richmond on the Travel Channel. However, we love the quaint location and the awesome wings. Love all the Bayou's sauces but love the unique Korean BBQ wings.

  • 4. Willies Chicken Shack @Willies-Chicken-Shack-630-Bourbon-Street-271698389611094 on Facebook -

    Keeping with the New Orleans theme and spirit alive, you will love Willies Cajun style chicken wings. Throw in the fact the restaurant has multiple locations in New Orleans and it is easy to see why Willies is a favorite of New Orleans locals.

  • 3. Wing Snack Express @wingsnacke -

    Chicken wings are all about the flavors that are on them and at Wing Snack Express have over 15 flavors to customize your wings. Perfectly cooked wings - our favorite at Wing Snack is the Roasted Garlic wings.

  • 2. Blue Oak BBQ @BlueOakBBQ -

    Blue Oak BBQ also made Top 7 Travel best BBQ restaurant in New Orleans but the wings could stand alone as well. Blue Oak has a great choice of chicken wings including our favorite the Wings with Kung Pao sauce.

  • 1. We Dats Chicken & Shrimp @gtillnupe -

    When you go to a place that is named We Dats in New Orleans, you will know you have reached your dream. You just have to sit down and enjoy some great wings. As a bonus We Dat's has some great shrimp, wraps, and even fresh catfish meals to go along with best wings in New Orleans.

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