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Top 7 Beaches - Miami

Posted on 12 May 2017 by Sandy

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South Beach

Miami is a beautiful city and with all the water in the area you know that Miami is going to have plenty of beaches for you to explore. However, you may find the top beach is always crowded, so we have listed the top 7 beaches in Miami for you to explore.

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  • 7. Crandon Park Beach -

    Connected only to the mainland by a Causeway you will find Crandon Park. This is a gorgeous park that provides you with access to Key Biscayne, but also a lot of tourist features that are present in the 807 acres. The beach is gorgeous and has some great relaxation available for you outside of just swimming.

  • 6. Haulover Beach -

    Haulover Beach is actually part of the 99 acre Haulover Park. So you will have a great time here because their is plenty for you to do inside of the park, but if you go out you will find the water is a great way to cool off all from the local beach at the park. 

  • 5. Fort Lauderdale Beach -

    Just a short trip from Miami is the beautiful area of Fort Lauderdale. This is a place that has some of the great beaches that will make you want to sit out all day. The Fort Lauderdale Beach is not as crowded and is a great beach for families as the water is nice and so is the sand. 

  • 4. Surfside -

    Surfside is actually a little town that is considered a suburb of Miami. The beach is stunning with some great sand that feels great in between your toes, but also the water is perfect to get into during the hot summer days. 

  • 3. Virginia Key -

    This is a beach that is dedicated to the work that a lady did to preserve the region. This beach is not as busy as a lot of them, but it still has a beautiful setting that you are sure to fall in love with once you have come out and visited the beach. 

  • 2. Sunny Isles Beach -

    This beach is one that will make you feel like you are sitting out in the middle of nowhere. The beach has the intracostal waterway on the West, but the Atlantic Ocean on the East. Easily one of the best beaches to go out and see. 

  • 1. South Beach -

    This is the beach that is iconic and one that you will recognize from the entrance of television shows. South Beach has plenty of attractions for you to see, but it also has a crowd that is just unbelievable at times, which can cause some people to shy away from this gorgeous beach. 

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