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Top 7 Beaches - Maui

Posted on 20 April 2017 by Aaron

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hookipa beach park

Maui is a great place to take a trip and an even better place to enjoy the beaches. However, what you need to realize is the place is literally loaded with beaches. With that being the case we have rated the top 7 beaches in Maui.

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  • 7. Mokapu Beach -

    Runners, walkers, and joggers love this beach. They have some very soft brown sand to run in, but also get a chance to run alongside some of the sunbathers that are out soaking up the waves at this beautiful beach. 

  • 6. Makena Beach -

    If you are looking for a beach that has quite a bit going for it.The beach has plenty of water to swim in, clear water for snorkeling, and even has a food truck with beautiful picnic tables to make your trip even more enjoyable. 

  • 5. Little Beach -

    If you want to get away from everything then you need to hit up Little Beach. This is a beach that is secluded and protected by trees. However, it is perfect for taking a quick swim in, but also for enjoying the body boarding that is available here. 

  • 4. Wailea Beach -

    This is one of those iconic Hawaii Beaches that you are going to love. The beach has plenty of space to lay out and enjoy the sun, but with the water so close you can easily go out and take a quick dip in the water to help cool off. 

  • 3. Launiupoko Beach Park -

    Sometimes getting out into the waves of the Pacific Ocean can be to much for people. When this is the case, you will love the Launiupoko Beach Park. This place has plenty of picnic tables, but also has a little pool of water set off by a natural volcanic rock wall. 

  • 2. Kahekili Beach Park -

    If you ever wanted to walk on the boardwalk, but do not like New Jersey then you will love this place. It has a gorgeous boardwalk to walk on, but a gentle beach you can use as well. The beach is great for divers as the waters are calmer and tend to work great for beginners. 

  • 1. Ho'okipa Beach Park -

    This is one of those beaches that you see on television and think it is a dream. What is really nice is the winds on the beach make this the perfect spot for wind surfing. However, it also makes it a great place to get out of the heat as the wind can just gently blow over the water and cool you off.

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