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Top 7 Beaches - Jamaica

Posted on 21 April 2017 by Sean

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Winnifred Beach

Jamaica is a beautiful place and one of those that will leave you in luxury and paradise at the same time. This is when you may start to think mainly about the beaches, but soon realize their are quite a few to choose from. Since that is the case we have ranked the top 7 beaches in Jamaica. 

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  • 7. James Bond Beach -

    The James Bond Beach is a little tucked away and will provide you the privacy you want to have, but also the comfort as well. The water is nice, but not a crystal clear blue you would expect. The location is great and easily one of the best beaches in Jamaica. 

  • 6. Boardwalk Beach -

    When you are at the Fort Clarence beach, you will see another beach in the distance. That is the Boardwalk Beach. These beaches are equally beautiful, but the Boardwalk Beach does not have as clear of water, which is why it is not ranked as high, but still a beautiful place to go and enjoy the beautiful beach. 

  • 5. Bob Marley Beach -

    A beach named after a famous singer? Yes, you read that right the Bob Marley Beach. This is easily one of the more popular beaches you can travel to, but it is also a beach that will make it easier for you to enjoy the time in Jamaica with the gently lapping waves. 

  • 4. Bluefields Beach -

    The Bluefields Beach is a very popular destination for tourist and locals alike. The problem is the beach strip itself is very narrow with sand. However, the water and great food carts can make up this difference. 

  • 3. Waves Beach -

    This is a beach that has some breathtaking views that everyone in the family will love. The beach has plenty of water and space for almost everyone to enjoy without tripping on anyone as well. Overall, this is a great beach that everyone will love.

  • 2. Fort Clarence Beach -

    If you like the thought of clear water that is going to gently lap at your feet then you will love Fort Clarence Beach. This is a beautiful beach that has the clear water you want to have, but also the enjoyable views of the sea and ocean as well. 

  • 1. Winnifred Beach -

    This is one of those places that has the classic Jamaica beach feel. It has the water, the sand, the food carts, but it also has the unique experience of the donkeys and horses. This makes this easily  the best beach that you can travel to while you are in Jamaica. 

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