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Top 7 BBQ - St Louis

Posted on 29 September 2017 by Cameron

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Pappys Smokehouse

Eating a great BBQ sandwich often starts with getting the right food in your stomach at the right time. When you are in Saint Louis, you are very close to Memphis and Nashville, both of which are known for great BBQ and Kansas City is not far away either. This has led to Saint Louis getting a great blend of BBQ for everyone to enjoy. With this being the case you will want to know about the top 7 BBQ restaurants in Saint Louis, that I have ranked here. 

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  • 7. Dixon's Smoke Company @Dixonssmoke -

    The appearance of the seating may not look welcoming, but it is good for a BBQ restaurant. The place has some good food and definitely has something to go with the food. We personally love the fact they have some great rib tips.

  • 6. Sugarfire Smokehouse @SugarfireSmokeHouse -

    The rustic setting of Sugarfire is going to make it even more special to see. The food you get from Sugarfire just adds on to the charm of the location. The best part of the meal is the brisket you can get from here. 

  • 5. Roper's Ribs @ropersribsbbq -

    Ropers is a place you can easily fall in love with while eating here. However, what you need to realize is Roper's is also a place that you are going to compare other places to when you get home. Roper's has, as the name states, some amazing ribs.

  • 4. The Shaved Duck @TheShavedDuck -

    The Shaved Duck is a place that will leave your mouth watering and dripping with anticipation. What is really nice about The Shaved Duck is the fact the food is great and it has limited outdoor seating. The short ribs provide you with a great flavor profile as well when you are eating here. 

  • 3. Smoking Barrels BBQ @smokingbarrelsbbqstl -

    Smoking Barrels is a great place to go to and has some amazing food. What is unique about Smoking Barrels is the chance to get some great tasting BBQ Nachos, which are very unique and different. 

  • 2. Bogarts BBQ @bogartssmokehouse -

    Bogarts is one of those places that once you have heard of it, you have to try it. The food is amazing the decor that goes along with the place. The downside is you have to get to Bogarts early because they do sell out. So make sure you get to Bogart's early if you want to have a great pulled pork sandwich.

  • 1. Pappys Smokehouse @Pappys-Smokehouse -

    The logo of the restaurant tells it all, the knife and fork with the pig. You are going to come into Pappy's and get some amazing BBQ that you are going to love and really enjoy. At the same time the wood smoke is going to give your meat an amazing flavor profile. The food that we really love from Pappy's is the ribs that are out of this world. 

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