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Top 7 BBQ Restaurants - Philadelphia

Posted on 29 March 2017 by Carrie

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Fette Sau

Have you ever wanted to eat BBQ, but are not sure where to go when you are in Philadelphia? If you answered yes, then you understand our pain because we were in the same boat. That is why we have ranked the top 7 BBQ restaurants in Philadelphia for you to visit. 

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  • 7. Rib Crib @CharliesRibCrib -

    The Rib Crib is a place that has some great food that you are going to enjoy, but it is also going to have some great sauce that is homemade. With that being the case the thing we love the most is the sauce that is mind blowing.

  • 6. Smokin' Johns BBQ @SmokinJohnsBBQManayunk -

    Smokin Johns is a place that we absolutely adore. The place has some great food and an atmosphere that has a tendency to suck you in and make you love the place. Our favorite menu item from Smokin' Johns is the smoked Salmon that has some of the best tasting fish we have ever had. 

  • 5. Uptown BBQ and Grill @UptownBBQ_Grill -

    Uptown BBQ And Grill is a great location that will remind you of a lot of the classic diners that you have seen before. Our favorite dish from Uptown is the BBQ chicken that has some of the great food that we love. 

  • 4. Fat Jacks BBQ @fatjacksbbq -

    Fat Jack's is a place we are going to really love and you will as well. The atmosphere is great and the food that you are able to get is top of the line from here. Our favorite menu item from here is the Notorious P.I.G. sandwich. 

  • 3. Deke's BBQ @dekesbarbque -

    Deke's is a location that we have fallen in love with. The place has BBQ in the name and it is going to provide you with the great food you want to have. At Deke's our favorite menu item is the Western Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich. 

  • 2. Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse @SweetLucysPA -

    Sweet Lucy's is a place we love and have really enjoyed eating at. What is really nice is the fact this is a smokehouse in the traditional sense and gives some great food options. Our favorite menu option from Sweet Lucy's is the pulled pork 

  • 1. Fette Sau @StarrRestaurant -

    This is a great place that you are going to love. The atmosphere is great and has some of the rustic designs that you are going to love. With this location we have really fallen in love with the Duroc Pulled Pork that is a melt in your mouth type of food. 

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