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Top 7 BBQ Restaurants in Seattle for 2016

Posted on 26 July 2016 by Erica

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Jacks BBQ

The Seattle barbecue scene is small, but growing in popularity. This extra popularity has really led to quite a big growth in the barbecue restaurant scene. Traveling in Seattle or local we have done the legwork for you with our Top 7 Barbecue restaurants. 

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  • 7. Martino's Smoked Meats & Eatery -

    Martino's is a place that takes smoking meat and preparing meat to the next level. Martino's is a premier place for meats that range from in house prepared bacon, hams, or pulled pork. Our Martino's favorite is the Bar-B-Cuban that is from a local farm pork loins smoked with cherry and hickory. 

  • 6. Peco's Pit BBQ @pecospit -

    Genuine slow smoked meats is a great way to start off with BBQ. At Peco's Pit BBQ you get slow cooked meats, but also some of the best potato salad that we have ever had in our mouth before. In addition Peco's has our favorite Sauces in Seattle with four (mile, medium, hot, or Damn Hot)to choose from our favorite the HOT sauce.

  • 5. Cask and Trotter @caskandtrotter -

    Amazing laid back atmosphere makes Cask & Trotter great for enjoying your favorite beer or drink but it's the slow cooked meats that bring in the masses. Our favorite at C&T is the slow smoked chicken thighs and throw in homemade deviled eggs and we are in heaven.

  • 4. Two Shoe's BBQ @twoshoebbq -

    Central Texas BBQ has come to Seattle here. Two Shoes BBQ is the place to be for Beef Brisket smoked the Central Texas way. Our favorite is the Drunken Feast which includes brisket, ribs, chicken, and sides. Save space for desert as Two Shoe's home made pies are great way to finish off big BBQ meal.

  • 3. Bitterroot BBQ @BitterrootBBQ -

    Smoked meet with craft American beer or high quality Bourbon are a great combination at Bitterroot BBQ. Add in the 5 dollar BBQ bites and you simply cannot go wrong in eating here. Our favorite is the Bitterroot's smoked half chicken, homemade hot link, amazing mac & cheese, and to drink their creamed old fashioned.

  • 2. RoRo BBQ & Grill @rorobbq -

    RoRo BBQ is the place for some great smoked meats. In addition to the great smoked meats, RoRo has some of our favorite southern style homemade side dishes. RoRo's BBQ's smoked meat and side dishes will make any true Southerner think they went home. The pulled pork sandwich is the best in Seattle and our go to every time we visit RoRo's BBQ.

  • 1. Jack's BBQ @JackTimmons -

    Taking the top BBQ spot in Seattle is Jack's BBQ. Jack's relies on the tried and true salt and pepper rubs with the meat smoked over hardwoods. Our favorite is Jack's Billionaire Bacon as an appetizer and then for the meal the Double Trouble with pulled pork and the 1/2 chicken (select your favorite 2 meats). Get our Full Review of Jack's BBQ Click HERE

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