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Top 7 BBQ Restaurants In San Francisco

Posted on 14 February 2017 by Sue

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San Francisco may not be well known for its barbecue food, but it is definitely a location you should explore for the great food. We know that barbecue food is a great meal option. To help you out, we have decided to rank the Top 7 Barbecue Restaurants in San Francisco. 

If you do not care for BBQ foods, but still want to explore San Francisco check out our San Francisco travel page. 

  • 7. Southpaw BBQ @southpawbbqsf -

    Southpaw is a location that tries to capture all the essence of the Southern Style cooking. They do a very good job of it and makes us want to travel to places like Nashville, Memphis, and other BBQ capitals. Our favorite dish at Southpaw is the plate to share of the Smoked Pulled Goat. 

  • 6. Black Bark BBQ @BlackBarkBBQ -

    Black Bark BBQ is a great BBQ joint in San Francisco! The place has a great atmosphere and some food that you will find mind blowing at times.With that being said, our favorite dish from Black Bark is half pound turkey leg. The way it is prepared is perfect and the dish is very filling! 

  • 5. The Pub @thepubsf -

    A causal place with some great food is an awesome idea. With The Pub you are going to be able to dive in for some great food, but have a filling meal. Our favorite dish The Pub has on the menu is the BBQ Pot Roast, which is simply to die for. 

  • 4. Gorilla BBQ @GorillaBBQ -

    Gorilla BBQ is riding the fame of the Triple D visit, but still have some of the best BBQ in San Francisco. The menu is tasteful and the food is fantastic and mind blowing. Our personal favorite dish is the 3 meat combo. This combination has three meats, we recommend the beef brisket, chicken, and pork. In addition to this you get sides, beans, and of course the excellent BBQ sauce. 

  • 3. Ke's Seafood BBQ @kesseafoodbbq -

    Ke's is another location that follows along the Asian style of BBQ. At Ke's you will find it is an Asian fusion style of restaurant, but still has great food. Our personal favorite dish, even with the super fresh seafood, has to be the BBQ Marinated Chicken that will make your mouth water in anticipation. 

  • 2. Dancing Bull Korean BBQ @Dancing-Bull -

    Barbecue does not have to be the Southern Style that a lot of Americans are used to seeing. In fact, some of the best BBQ in San Francisco is the Korean style. For that you will love Dancing Bull. Our personal favorite here is the Bulgogi, which is simply to die for. 

  • 1. Smokin Warehouse BBQ @SmokinWarehouse -

    Smokin Warehouse is a great name for a place that has a walkup window and picnic tables outside. The location provides you with a great selection of BBQ foods and even some other sides. Our personal favorite from Smokin Warehouse is Pulled Pork with the Mac & Cheese with Baked beans as the sides. 

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