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Top 7 BBQ Restaurants In New Orleans

Posted on 24 January 2017 by Larry

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Blue Oak BBQ

Southern style food, even in New Orleans, makes you think automatically of a big plate of smoked ribs. In New Orleans, they definitely take BBQ to the next level and have plenty of restaurants to choose from. We have decided to make the choice a lot easier for you by finding the top 7 BBQ restaurants in New Orleans to let you enjoy the food, instead of the Googling. 

If barbecue is not your food of choice, then check out our New Orleans page for everything New Orleans. 

  • 7. McClures Barbecue @McClureBarbecue -

    When you think of Southern BBQ it's places just like McClures that deliver everytime. Great plates of all the classic BBQ favorites but if you are in the mood for something different try the smoked Cuban Sandwich - perfect smoked ham and pulled pork with amazing mustard sauce.

  • 6. Saucy's BBQ @SaucysNOLA -

    Saucy's is a place that serves BBQ, but knows that some people want to have a choice. Not to mention Saucy's has some of the best sausage around and even includes alligator sausage. 

  • 5. Moe's Original BBQ @MOBNola -

    Moe's is a place that can bring about the soul in food. Moe's serves some of the best barbecue around our favorite was their perfectly smoked brisket. Add in the amazing sides and perfect sauces just perfect BBQ.

  • 4. Chef Scotts Creole BBQ @chefscottbbq -

    Creole has finally met BBQ and that has made some great food. The Creole style food is not change to boring BBQ - our favorite were the amazing ribs with the spicy hot BBQ sauce.

  • 3. La Smokhouse @LaSmokehouse -

    Sometimes you will just want to go to the smokehouse. At La Smokehouse you will find the location serves not only fully smoked meats to bring home, but also have a great sandwich that you are going to be able to eat while you are traveling home.

  • 2. The Joint @alwayssmokin -

    Eating BBQ chicken is a great way to enjoy some great food and keep your waist line in mind. The Joint is new to New Orleans BBQ scene but won't know it by the great taste. Love the 3 Meat Sampler with our favorites Pulled Pork, Ribs, and Pulled Chicken.

  • 1. Blue Oak BBQ @BlueOakBBQ -

    Atmosphere and great food make the difference in a great BBQ restaurant. But it ends up coming down to the food and Blue Oak nails all the great BBQ favorites. Our favorite was the Blue Oak's perfectly smoked Beef Brisket. Don't forget the amazing sides best BBQ Beans in New Orleans.

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