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Top 7 BBQ Restaurants in Boston

Posted on 24 July 2016 by Kim

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Barbecue is a food that is usually associated with the Southern part of the country. However, it has a growing community of loyal followers who do their best to bring great barbecue to Boston. We have done the leg work for you, check out our Top 7 BBQ Restaurants in Boston.

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  • 7. Larry J's BBQ Café @larryjsbbqcafe -

    Fresh served BBQ all day long keeps Larry J’s customers coming back for more. Our favorite at Larry J’s is the Smoked Brisket (ask for it “trimmed” they will even trim the fat). Get the #1 where you choose your two meats, we get the smoked brisket and smoked link sausage plus two sides for $15.95. Huge portions ensure you won’t leave Larry J’s hungry.

  • 6. Sweet Cheeks Q @sweetcheeksQ -

    On top of the great atmosphere at Sweet Cheeks Q the down home BBQ will blow your mind. Our favorite is the 1/2 slab of st louis ribs tray that includes Sweet Cheeks two sides. Our favorite side was the black eyed peas and cole slaw but all the sides bring the taste of south to Boston.

  • 5. Pit Stop Barbecue @PitStopbarbecue -

    Pit stop barbecue is Boston BBQ royalty standing the test of time in for 30 plus years. The location is rated in Zagats as well, which helps lend even more weight to the name. Pit Stop Barbecue describes themselves as Southern Comfort BBQ and we have to agree. Our favorite is the Ribs that feature our favorite BBQ sauce in Boston. Also loved the southern style Banana pudding to finish off great soul food experience.

  • 4. M&Mribs @theribtruck -

    This is a BBQ food truck but you will know by the taste. At M&M Ribs the must try is the beef brisket, which is cooked to perfection and has a taste that I thought I would never find this far North. Of course as the name indicates some of the Best Ribs in Boston as well.

  • 3. Firefly's BBQ @fireflysbbq -

    Taste of Southern BBQ in Boston as the excellent food will bring you back time and again. Our favorite at Firefly's is to start with the amazing Smoked wings with honey-cayenne hot sauce. Then we finish off Firefly's Steve's BBQ Sampler which includes ribs and choice of BBQ chicken or pulled pork plus cornbread and 2 sides of your choice. Great BBQ, drinks, and look and feel of true southern roadside BBQ Joint.

  • 2. Blue Ribbon BBQ @BlueRibbon_BBQ -

    Two locations in great Boston area that has been serving award winning taste of the south for over 20 years. Our favorite is the North Carolina pulled pork platter (with vinegar based sauce) with cornbread and two sides for an amazing value of $12.49.  

  • 1. BlackStrap BBQ @blackstrapbbq -

    Barbecue goes well beyond the ribs that everyone is used to, Black Strap BBQ takes the best BBQ from around the country and brings it to it's Boston fans. Black Strap has something for every BBQ lover, from great memphis style ribs, to North Carolina style pulled pork, to Sliced Texas brisket. Our favorite is the 3 meat barbecue plate where we get all three plus cornbread and two sides for just $17.99. Get our Full BlackStrap BBQ Review HERE.

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