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Top 7 BBQ Joints - Palm Springs

Posted on 15 December 2017 by Elizabeth

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BBQ is a great meal to enjoy, but it can be a challenge to find a great place to eat at times. This is why I have decided it was time for me to go out and find the top 7 BBQ restaurants in Palm Springs. 

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  • 7. 533 Viet Fusion @533vietfusion -

    533 Viet Fusion is a great combination and fusion of Asian meals. The best part is this is a place that will focus quite a bit on the Asian style of BBQ that you are going to love to eat once you have tried it.

  • 6. The Tropicale @thetropicale -

    When you are looking for a great place that will take you from Palm Springs to Miami, then you have to check out The Tropicale. This is a place that has some amazing food to go with the patio seating. What is great about the Tropicale is the BBQ Meatloaf.

  • 5. Chicken Ranch @EatChickenRanch -

    Chicken Ranch is not going to have a lot of the options you would expect for a traditional BBQ place. However, we love the fact that Chicken Ranch has a great salad that is a BBQ Chopped with Chicken.

  • 4. Smokin Burgers & Lounge @smokinburgersps -

    Smokin Burgers is a great place you are going to like because it has a wide selection on the menu. However, this is also a great place because of the food styles it has as well. Personally I love the pulled pork sandwich.

  • 3. John's @Johns-Restaurant -

    John's is a place that has found its place in Palm Springs as a great American style restaurant. The place has some great BBQ foods as well and that it is really nice is the variety of options in food. The BBQ ribs, though, are a great meal you will like.

  • 2. Shermans Deli & Bakery @shermansdeliandbakery -

    While you may not think about a bakery as being a BBQ place, you need to realize that this is not the case here. Sherman's is a great place for you to go and have some amazing BBQ beef brisket sandwich.

  • 1. Trio Restaurant @TrioPalmSprings -

    Trio Palm Springs is a place that has a fantastic atmosphere for you to enjoy, but also some great Saint Louis style ribs. The ribs are good you will think they are a fall off the bone type of meal.

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