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Top 7 BBQ Joints - NY City

Posted on 6 September 2017 by Bridget

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Mighty Quinns

Eating BBQ is one of those things that you may think about only doing when you are in the South or Kansas or Saint Louis. However, this is a food that has spread its wings wide and is reaching out into where it is settling in at. What is even more important is the fact you can find some amazing BBQ even in New York City. Since this is the case, we have ranked the top 7 BBQ restaurants in New York City. 

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  • 7. John Brown Smokehouse @JohnBrownSmokehouse -

    If you have ever been to Kansas City or just like the Kansas City style meats then you will love John Brown Smokehouse. The place uses the Kansas City style for making the food, but also the counter side service to get your meals to you. Great place to go and enjoy the pulled pork with some Mac & Cheese. 

  • 6. Fette Sau @FetteSau -

    Fette Sau at times may make you think that you are returning to school, but you really are not going anywhere near school. Instead, you are about to take a culinary experience that will make your taste buds explode with happiness in your mouth. The food we love from Fette Sau is the pulled pork with the burnt ends beans. 

  • 5. Virgils Real BBQ @Virgilsrealbbq -

    If you are in Times Square and want some decent Southern style BBQ then you have to stop in at Virgils. This is a place that has managed to get quite a bit in the way of food, but also has helped in bringing BBQ up a level in NYC. The dish we love from here is the smoked brisket. 

  • 4. Dallas BBQ @DallasBBQUSA -

    Dallas BBQ is one that is part of a spreading chain. However, it is a nice place with a good atmosphere and it has some decent drinks as well. We really love this place because it is such a lively place to go out and see. The baby back ribs from here are the menu option we take. 

  • 3. Blue Smoke BBQ @BlueSmokeBarbecue -

    If you want to find an upscale BBQ place, if their is such a thing, then you cannot go wrong at Blue Smoke. This is a place that has some amazing food, but also a trendy clientele that makes this place to be considered upscale. When you are at Blue Smoke you have to try the Andouille Sausage. 

  • 2. Hill Country BBQ @HillCountryBarbecueMarket -

    Hill Country is a place that has some of the finest meats around with the perfect level of smokiness on the meat. The food is amazing and the atmosphere, being in Manhattan is what you would expect to see. We really love the fact they have some amazing a nice fatty brisket to enjoy. 

  • 1. Mighty Quinns @mightyquinnsbbq -

    Mighty Quinns is a place that you are going to love because it has some of the best BBQ that you can find in NYC. Throw in the nice atmosphere and multiple locations around the city and it is easy to see why this place is amazing. The brisket is simply amazing from Mighty Quinns, if I do say so.

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