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Top 7 BBQ Joints in Cincinnati for 2016

Posted on 8 July 2016 by Kim

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The city of Cincinnati is known for their Pig Slaughter houses from nearly a century ago and now the Queen City has some of the best BBQ restaurants in the midwest.

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  • 7. Goodies Barbecue @HouseOfSlabb -

    Goodies is a place that you will find has been around for years and has started to draw a loyal following. The place has plenty of main course dishes for you to select from, but also have quite a large number of sides to help guarantee you get the best meal.

  • 6. SmoQ @smoqbbq -

    Bread pudding may not seem like it is a big menu item. However, you will find SmoQ is one of those barbecue joints that you will want to try all the side dishes. The bread pudding is often raved about, but you will also find the pulled chicken is going to rock your world.

  • 5. Jim Dandy's Family BBQ @JimDandysFamilyBBQ -

    Finding Jim Dandy's can be fun because it is located in Sharonville, but it is well worth the drive. The location offers spiced and smoked foods, never any boiled meat.

  • 4. City Barbecue @CityBarbeque -

    Side dishes are going to rein supreme here. The location has some great barbecue, but it also has some great sides that tends to get people bragging about how good the food taste and how it all compliments each other.

  • 3. Walt's Barbecue @waltshamilton -

    Pecan wood may not seem like a major secret, but it provides a unique taste to the food you eat. At Walt's they tend to use only the pecan wood and this makes the difference in the taste as it is one that will leave you drooling and asking for more.

  • 2. Montgomery Inn @MontgomeryInn_ -

    For the longest time if you mentioned BBQ in Cincinnati the first thought was Montgomery Inn. While the food is still the highest quality in town the Montgomery Inn was unseated as the best place. The food is still great and the atmosphere top notch, but they are not the best in town anymore.

  • 1. Eli's BBQ @elisbbqcincy -

    This is the place that unseated the Montgomery Inn. This place seems to have it all, they have the atmosphere, live music at times, and to top it off some of the best food in Cincinnati. This is a restaurant that you have to try to believe. Make sure you make Eli's BBQ, whose sandwich is pictured the stop on your trip to Cincinnati.

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