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Top 7 BBQ Joints - Chicago

Posted on 25 May 2017 by Pam

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Fat Willys

Chicago is a great city with a lot of restaurants for you to enjoy. However, what you need to realize is Chicago also has plenty of attractions as well. In this article we are going to help you find some great BBQ in Chicago by ranking the top 7 barbeque joints in Chicago.

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  • 7. Smoque BBQ @Smoque-BBQ -

    Smoque is a place that has the perfect blend of smoke and taste on the ribs. Our favorite from Smoque is the Saint Louis Style ribs that they have. These ribs are completely something out of this world and amazing.

  • 6. Rubs Backcountry Smokehouse @bbqsupply -

    When you go to a BBQ place you want to have some great food and fantastic eats. When you go to Rubs, you will find they have a wide ranging menu of great food. Our personal favorite is actually the meaty beans that are to die for. 

  • 5. Fat Willy's Rib Shack @FatWillysRibShack -

    Fat Willy's is a place that if you eat there all the time the food is so good you will end up fat. However, that is just a great thing because that means the food is lip smacking good. The best part is the Saint Louis Style ribs are completely out of this world. 

  • 4. Saucy Porka @SaucyPorka -

    Saucy Porka is a place that does not have the fancy look you would expect, but it does have the great food you need. Saucy Porka is also located near quite a few high rises so that makes it nice as well. Our favorite is the dish they are famous for the short rib. 

  • 3. Weber Grill Restaurants @WeberGrillRestaurantChicago -

    The Weber Grill Restaurant is one that you must try when you are in Chicago. The food is fantastic and the cooking is done so well that you would think you are in Memphis for BBQ. Our favorite from here is the ribs that are done to perfection and have the fall off the bone goodness. 

  • 2. Green Street Smoked Meats @greenstreetsmokedmeats -

    This is a fantastic BBQ joint and one that you are sure to love. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere will make you think that you have went back in time to some of the older BBQ restaurants. Our favorite meal from here is the pulled pork sandwich with just the meat and BBQ sauce it is amazing. 

  • 1. The Smoke Daddy @thesmokedaddy -

    If you want to have a great meal with a great atmosphere then you cannot really go wrong at The Smoke Daddy. The BBQ restaurant follows more of a Texas style BBQ and that is one that a lot of people will fall in love with. Our favorite meat from here is the brisket that has the perfect balance of smokiness with the BBQ is perfectly blended.

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