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Top 7 Attractions - Tokyo

Posted on 14 May 2017 by Thangh

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Edo Tokyo

Tokyo is one of those cities that you are going to fall in love with because of the action and the solemnity of the city combined. Yes, the city is busy, but at the same time a simple step into the temples and you are surrounded by nothing but peace and quiet. Find the top 7 attractions in Tokyo today on our website.

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  • 7. Tokyo Sea Life @葛西臨海水族園-Tokyo-Sea-Life-Park -

    The Tokyo Sea Life is an aquarium that you are going to like. It has sea life from around the world, some of which may come from where you are from, but it also has sharks and other animals that you are going to love having a chance to go down and see swimming the water. 

  • 6. Ueno Zoo @Ueno -

    Ueno Zoo is a place that you are going to love as it is not like the zoos you are used to. Yes, they live up to the same standard, but getting a chance to explore the zoo in an area that you never thought about having a zoo makes this trip well worth it and one that you are sure to remember. 

  • 5. Edo Castle -

    You normally would think of castles as being a European thing. However, the Edo Castle is one that you will love because it provides you with plenty of things to see, including a moat, walls, and structures that date back to the 1450's when the castle was built. This is now part of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo so you may need a tour. 

  • 4. Ghibli Museum @Ghibli-Museum -

    Ghibli may not be a famous name in America, but in Tokyo and Japan this is an animation studio that almost everyone has heard of before. The location is very nice and dedicated to the animation work, but it also has a rooftop garden that makes it easy for you to enjoy what you can see and do. 

  • 3. Tokyo Tower @tokyotower.official -

    When you want to see an iconic landmark in Tokyo you need to go to Tokyo Tower. This tower is a lot like the Eiffel Tower in the commanding presence it has, but it is a great place for you to see and coordinate trips as it is very visible. 

  • 2. National Art Center Tokyo -

    This is an art gallery that is unlike any other. The place has no exhibits that are permanent and it has a lot of traveling art shows. This makes it very easy for you to see and explore art that you never imagined possible before in a single place. 

  • 1. Edo Tokyo Museum @Edo-Tokyo-Museum -

    The Edo period in Japan was one of growth and often one that a lot of people remember. However, when you are at the Edo Tokyo museum you will have a chance to explore the artifacts from the period and at times even get a chance to explore what life was like during the time period in Japan. 

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