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Top 7 Attractions - Tel Aviv

Posted on 9 July 2017 by Thangh

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Yarkon Park

When you travel to Israel, you know you are going to explore some of the holiest places. However, if you are in Tel Aviv you will notice it is not only a beautiful seaside city, but it has a lot of attractions. Look for these top 7 attractions when you are in Tel Aviv today. 

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  • 7. Jaffa Port -

    The Jaffa Port is one that is very famous from Biblical times and it is a place that you are going to enjoy going to. The port is very busy and with the waterfront it will be easy for you to sit back and just watch the ships roll in and out. 

  • 6. Nahum Gutman Museum -

    This is a gorgeous museum that you are going to like because it will make it easier for you to explore the art and beauty that is present from the famous Jewish writer and artist. This is actually set up in his home, which makes it even more personal of a touch. 

  • 5. Tel Aviv Museum Of Art @tamuseumofart -

    Art is something that you would not really associated with Jewish culture. However, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a place you are going to fall in love with. This center has art from international artist and even some locals which makes it easier for you to enjoy the art of Israel. 

  • 4. Bauhaus Center -

    The Bauhaus Center is a place that you will love because it is going to allow you to explore the architecture and great places that you will be able to enjoy. This showcases the changes and differences that have been seen in Tel Aviv. 

  • 3. Yitzhak Rabin Center -

    If you are a fan of the former, but assassinated, Israeli Prime Minister then you  will love this center. This is a library and research center that can be compared to a lot of the Presidential Libraries that are put in place for the American Presidents. 

  • 2. Palmach Museum -

    The Palmach Museum is dedicated to the precursor of the Israel Defense Forces. This museum is one that you are going to love because you are going to have a great location that educates you about the defense forces that have evolved over time. 

  • 1. Yarkon Park -

    Yarkon Park is one of the most beautiful areas that you can visit in Tel Aviv. This is a place that you are going to love because of the perfectly manicured landscaping, but also the easy access to the river that is named the Yarkon River, which is completely stunning. 

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