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Top 7 Attractions - Philadelphia

Posted on 4 May 2017 by Carrie

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Liberty Bell

The city of brotherly love is a great place to travel to and has a lot of attractions that people are going to enjoy. The problem is your time is limited and finding all the best attractions can be very difficult to do. To help out we have ranked the top 7 attractions in Philadelphia.

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  • 7. Rocky Steps -

    If you have seen the movie Rocky, then you will recognize these steps. They are the iconic steps that you see Stallone run up and scream. Great steps and definitely one that you will try to replicate the movie scene. 

  • 6. Mutter Museum @muttermuseum -

    Medical museums may not be the thing that you would want to take a tour of, but the Mutter Museum is one of those intriguing places that you are going to fall in love with. The Mutter Museum has plenty for you to do and see, but also has some historical pieces that you only will see here. 

  • 5. Reading Terminal Market @RdgTerminalMkt -

    Have you ever wanted to go to a famous farmers market? If you have then you will want to make sure you stop at the indoor Reading Terminal Market. This is a great place for you to travel to and have a chance to connect with the local farmers and even experience the sights of a famous market. 

  • 4. Franklin Square @historicphilly -

    This is a historic square that has been built up and allows you to do some of the normal things that you would want to do as a tourist. However, when you are here you will want to make sure you have plenty of camera space for the fountain, the mini golf course, and while you are here get the great burger from the burger joint right by the square. 

  • 3. Barnes Foundation @the_barnes -

    The Barnes Foundation is an art museum on steroids. The location has some works by Picasso, but then if you go a little further you will find African sculpture arts. However, if you want you can continue to explore and  find even Native American textile works as well, definitely a place to visit. 

  • 2. Independence Hall @INDEPENDENCENHP -

    Philadelphia as you can see is full of history and it is definitely a place that you will want to take in all the history. Another main attraction is Independence Hall where the signing of the Declaration of Independence was signed. A very historical place and one that you are going to love visiting and taking in the history. 

  • 1. Liberty Bell @INDEPENDENCENHP -

    The Liberty Bell is one of those attractions in Philadelphia that is perfect. It has the history that you want to have, a quick tour, and information. However, it also is one of those founding principles that helps to formulate ideas on how the country was formed. 

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