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Top 7 Attractions - Perth Australia

Posted on 26 May 2017 by Mike

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Perth Zoo

Australia is a large country, but most people forget about Western Australia and that leaves them missing out on a lot of attractions. However, we know the importance of Western Australia and have found the top 7 attractions in Perth for everyone to enjoy. 

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  • 7. Scitech Discovery Centre @ScitechWA -

    Scitech is a place that you are going to want to go to because it allows you to see hundreds of different exhibits that are ever changing. Either way Scitech is a discovery centre for kids and adults alike. 

  • 6. Swan Bell Tower @thebelltowerperth -

    If you love music then you will really like the Swan Bell Tower. This is a location that is one of the largest musical instruments around. What is even better is this tower has a great feel to it, but also makes it fun because you can watch the professional musicians. 

  • 5. Adventure World @Adventure_World -

    Adventure World is a great summer attraction that you are sure to love when you are in Australia. This location has a lot of things for you to do, but it also has plenty for you to enjoy as well because of the beautiful rides and themes that go on here. 

  • 4. Shoalwaters Islands Marine Park -

    This is a marine park that is actually out in nature, but it is a protected area from any type of fishing or development. This is going to make it easier for you and everyone in your trip to enjoy seeing some of the beauty that is unspoiled. 

  • 3. Fremantle Prison @fremantleprison -

    Yes, this is a prison, no it is not active anymore. However, the Fremantle Prison is a great location that is a World Heritage locations. This is a great place that you are going to love because it has plenty for you to tour and when you are here you have a chance to learn quite a bit of items. 

  • 2. Caversham Wildlife Park @CavershamWildlifePark -

    The Caversham Wildlife Park is a place that is privately owned, but it is a place that is home to 200 different species of animals. All of these require their own unique care, but what is even better is the great paths that make it easier for you to get to see all of these animals. 

  • 1. Perth Zoo @PerthZoo -

    The Perth Zoo is one of the best attractions for a family. It has plenty of animals, but when you are in Western Australia you will notice the area has a lot of its own wildlife. Either way the Perth Zoo has plenty of things for everyone in the entire family to enjoy. 

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