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Top 7 Attractions - Nashville

Posted on 26 April 2017 by Danielle

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Nashville is known as music city for a reason and that is because it is home to the Grand Ole Opry. However, everyone needs to realize Nashville has plenty of other attractions as well. Find out more about these as we rank the top 7 attractions in Nashville.

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  • 7. Fort Negley @FortNegley -

    A Civil War fort that is in ruins may not seem like it is that exciting, but this is a fort that tells a story. The story is one that a lot of people want to forget, but doing that hurts the authenticity of the history of the country. The fort is great for tours and is even considered a park, with it being 2 miles South of Nashville it is easy to access as well. 

  • 6. Lane Motor Museum @lanemotor -

    If you like cars then the Lane Motor Museum is just for you. This is a place that houses the largest collection of European automobiles and motorcycles in the United States. This wide range of vehicles makes this a great place for you to go out visit to see these automobiles you may never see anywhere else in the world. 

  • 5. Tennessee State Museum -

    Learning about all that Nashville has to offer is a good thing, but when you are in the state of Tennessee you may want to explore what it has as the way of history. At this museum you are able to explore this history and know more about the location that you are sure to fall in love with. 

  • 4. Nashville Zoo @nashvillezoo -

    No city is completely toured until you have hit up the zoo. Nashville has a great zoo here and it is easily one of the best attractions for you to hit up and see. However, you need to realize this is a great zoo and you should take your time touring it to see everything. 

  • 3. Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum Of Art @CheekwoodNashville -

    What is better than getting to see art in its natural form with a botanical garden, but also getting to see the art work in a museum as well? Nothing if you are a lover of plants and the arts. This is a great place to combine both of these loves and know you will have a great trip. 

  • 2. Belle Meade Plantation @BelleMeadePlant -

    The place is a winery, but it is also built in the classic Greek Revival phase as well. What is even more interesting is the location dates back to before the start of the War Between the States and it survived! So this is definitely a great place to go and have an event or even see something you never thought you would see. 

  • 1. Ryman Auditorium @TheRyman -

    This is one of the most iconic places in music. The Ryman is the home to the Grand Ole Opry, but also has tours and other things that you can see and do. Throw in the historic building and you have a place that is complete and will provide you with plenty of entertainment. 

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