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Posted on 21 May 2017 by Thangh

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Church of Holy Seplechure

Traveling around Asia does not always mean China or Japan, like a lot of people would think. No, Israel is also part of Asia and it is on the Western part of the continent. Discover the Top 7 Attractions in Jerusalem today for you to adventure to and see.

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  • 7. Jerusalem Biblical Zoo -

    This is a zoo that has a unique twist to it compared to what you are used to seeing. The zoo is small at only 25 acres, but it does contain most of the animals that have been mentioned in the Bible allowing you to see the animals that were seen in the zoo. 

  • 6. Temple Mount -

    Temple Mount is one of those places that has been featured on television shows and even mentioned in doomsday prophecies before. The Temple Mount location contains all the major world religions together on a single spot. 

  • 5. Mount Of Olives -

    The Mount of Olives is a place that you will really like because in addition to it being mentioned in the Bible, it does have a great history that you will like because of the olives. This is a fantastic place you will really like because of this, but also the ability to see the olives growing. 

  • 4. Yad Vashem -

    As if the Holy Land and Holy City of Jerusalem did not have enough going for it that would tug at your heart strings you will find Yad Vashem to push you over the edge. This is a memorial that is dedicated to the millions of Jews who were killed in the Holocaust, but also has exhibits so we may never forget this tragic event. 

  • 3. Tower of David -

    David is a very famous Jewish king from the Old Testament and one of the kings that helped to establish the Jewish nation. The tower of David is a citadel that sits atop the forts that are around Jerusalem that dates back 2000 years. 

  • 2. Western Wall -

    The Western Wall is the one wall of the old city of Jerusalem that is still standing. This wall is often called the Wailing Wall as well and will have people flocking to the region to be able to place their prayer papers into the wall to help guide them spiritually. 

  • 1. Church Of Holy Sepulchre -

    The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is a vital church for Christians as this is the church that was built over the place where Jesus was buried. With that being the case, this is easily a church that a lot of people will treat as a pilgrimage area and a church at the same exact time. 

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