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Top 7 Attractions In Washington D.C.

Posted on 28 February 2017 by Adam

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National mall

Washington D.C. is the nation's capital and with that being said, the city has a lot of attractions for you to see and enjoy. With that being the case it is very difficult to narrow down what you should go out and see and enjoy. Thankfully, we have decided to target Washington D.C. with Adam and he has narrowed down the Top 7 Attractions that are a must see in Washington D.C. 

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  • 7. National Zoological Park @nationalzoo -

    Animals are a great draw for parents and kids alike. The National Zoological Park is a great draw for the entire family and has plenty of things for the family to do. All told the location will be great for everyone to enjoy while in Washington D.C.

  • 6. United States Holocaust Museum @holocaustmuseum -

    This is another location you will treat with reverence. The museum explores all the aspects of the Holocaust so it is never forgotten. At this museum you will see exhibits you never thought before and at times be horrified at the exhibits you are going to see.

  • 5. National World War II Memorial -

    The World War II Memorial is a location that is going to be treated with reverence and something you will want to visit. This memorial is outdoors, so make sure you plan a visit according to weather. You also need to look at the different events going on when visiting to make sure you have a great trip.

  • 4. International Spy Museum @intlspymuseum -

    When you are looking for a museum that is cloaked in mystery you should make sure you check out the International Spy Museum. The location has exhibits you may have never considered before, but it even has some of the exhibits you would never have thought possible before. 

  • 3. National Museum of Natural History @NMNH -

    The National Museum of Natural History is a location you will love. It is ran by the Smithsonian, so it has plenty for you to do. However, when you are at this location it has plenty of features in the form of exhibits to enjoy as well. 

  • 2. White House @whitehouse -

    The White House is one of those iconic places you are going to love and want to look at. The White House has plenty of history for you to learn about, but also offers a variety of tours for your entire family to enjoy and be able to partake in while you are visiting this very historic city. 

  • 1. National Mall @NationalMallNPS -

    The National Mall is one of those icon places that you are going to love to see. This is a place that has the reflecting pool, a path to walk on and it is surrounded by plenty of other attractions that everyone in the entire family is going to love. Not to mention it has a lovely view of the nations capital. 

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