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Top 7 Attractions In Louisville

Posted on 22 February 2017 by Todd

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Church Hill Downs

Louisville is a river city and with that being said, the city has plenty of river oriented attractions. However, if you are coming from out of town do you know what these attractions are or even how to find them? If not feel relieved because we have ranked the Top 7 Attractions In Louisville for you to plan out your trip. 

If you want to explore more about Louisville from restaurants, hotels, and everything in between check out our Louisville travel page. 

  • 7. Louisville Zoo @louisvillezoo -

    The Louisville Zoo is far from being the largest zoo for you to go to, but it is definitely a zoo that makes up for the lack of size with spirit of the animals and staff. At the zoo you can see all sorts of animals and get to enjoy an educational and fun experience you never imagined possible in Louisville. 

  • 6. Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum @sluggermuseum -

    If you have ever wondered where the bats come from the players in the majors use, then you will want to take this tour of the factory and stop in at the museum. This is the place where almost all the baseball bats are made, but also the museum offers tours that will take you behind the scenes to see what is going on. 

  • 5. Louisville Mega Cavern @loumegacavern -

    Mega Cavern is something that is unique inside of a major city. It is a large cavern and tunnels that you can explore with guides. Some of the tours are going to be led by your cars, like the Christmas light display. However, you will also find the cavern has zip lining that can make your adventure a great one to enjoy. 

  • 4. Thomas Edison House @Thomas-Edison-House -

    Thomas Edison is one of the most famous inventors of all time. However, what is not really well known is the fact that he boarded in Louisville for quite some time. With that being the case, the Thomas Edison house is a place you can go into and explore, but you need to make sure the house is staffed so calling ahead is recommended since it is ran by volunteers. 

  • 3. Waverly Hills Sanatorium @WaverlyHills -

    Waverly Hills is a place that has been kept so people can see how a Sanatorium was set up. Now the place has not been restored and in some places can be considered very rough and dangerous. However, if you are into the paranormal at all or have any interest at all, the Waverly Hills is definitely a place for you to stop at. 

  • 2. Belle of Louisville @BELLELOUISVILLE -

    Taking a step back in time to when the rivers and waters were ran by steam power is a great thing to do. When you are on the Belle of Louisville you will be aboard an old steam ship with the large paddle wheel. Throw in the fact that you can book cruises on the ship and you can easily feel good about going back in time. 

  • 1. Churchill Downs @ChurchillDowns -

    Churchill Downs is easily one of the biggest attractions in Louisville and by far one of the best to go down and see. Churchill Downs is a horse racing track that is home of the Kentucky Derby, but also has a museum and even offers tours of the track and barns. 

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