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Top 7 Attractions in Boston 2016

Posted on 27 July 2016 by Kim

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USS Constitution

Boston is easily one of the most historical cities in America. However, even with this historical importance of Boston a lot of people tend to overlook some of the best Boston attractions. Some of these attractions in Boston are historical, but others are just simply fun for everyone and often seen as a great learning experience. Either way, here are our top 7 Boston attractions. 

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  • 7. Castle Island -

    Castle Island is a Boston landmark that is not only strategic, but in modern times a great attraction. Castle Island is connected to Boston by a strip of land. What else is nice is Castle Island does have several tours of Fort Independence.

  • 6. Harvard Museum Of Natural History @HarvardMuseum -

    Harvard is often seen as a university that has the top level education you want your kids to get. However, Harvard also has one of the worlds top museum's of Natural History as well. The Harvard Museum of Natural History even has special displays to ensure you learn something new each time you go back to the museum.

  • 5. Old State House @BostonianSoc -

    Old State House may not seem like a place that would be interesting, but once you look at the history of Boston it's at forefront of so much history. The Old State House played an important role in not only Boston, but in United State history. Either way, make sure you plan your day because you can see hundreds of Revolutionary War relics.

  • 4. New England Aquarium @NEAQ -

    When you are in Boston with your kids a must stop destination is the New England Aquarium. The aquarium offers multiple things for everyone in the family to do, but our personal favorite is sitting down and watching the Fur Seals put on their show.

  • 3. USS Constitution @USSConstitution -

    Most people have forgotten about the War of 1812, but once they visit the USS Constitution, they will never forget the war again. This Boston attraction is one of the most historical, but getting the chance to take a tour of the USS Constitution makes it one of the best as well.

  • 2. Paul Revere House @PaulRevereHouse -

    Anyone who has taken an American history class has heard of Paul Revere before. What many people do not know is traveling to Boston is a great time to see the Paul Revere House. The Paul Revere house has been restored to the authentic look of the time, to give people a great feel of how Paul Revere lived.

  • 1. Boston Museum Of Science @museumofscience -

    With the Boston Museum of Science, you will have a chance to explore a variety of exhibits. Some of the exhibits in the museum are permanent, but some of them are temporary. The best part is with the Boston Museum of Science the temporary exhibits are rotating around and each time you return you are sure to find something new to look at. 

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