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Top 7 Attractions - Hiroshima

Posted on 8 July 2017 by Thangh

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Hiroshima Peace Park

When you are looking at Japan you know it has a lot of cities for you to enjoy. With that being the case, you need to learn about the top attractions in the cities for you to visit. That is why we have covered the top 7 attractions in Hiroshima here for you to enjoy.

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  • 7. Assumption of Mary Cathedral -

    The Assumption of Mary Cathedral is a Catholic cathedral that is the cathedral of peace. So this is a Catholic church that will allow you to have a chance to step out from the stresses of Japan, but also have a chance to explore the history of Japan as seen from a different religion than the typical Buddhist belief in the country. 

  • 6. Kure Maritime Museum -

    When you are looking at Japan you need to realize the country has a strong history associated with the sea. So the Kure Maritime Museum is a place that you are going to want to visit. So you will really love the history that is present in this museum and know it is perfect for everything you need to have and learn about in history. 

  • 5. Hiroshima's Children Museum -

    If you are looking for a great trip for your kids then you will want to make sure they are going to go to the Hiroshima's Children Museum. This place has everything that your kids will love, but also has a chance to learn about the beauty of the city and Japanese exploration. 

  • 4. Hiroshima City Asa Zoological Park -

    Zoos are a great place that you will want to travel and see. The Hiroshima City Asa Zoological Park is a place you are going to fall in love with and be able to have a great trip and be able to see the animals that you may not see. 

  • 3. Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium -

    If you are able to catch a baseball game in Japan you are in for a treat. The Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium is one of those places you will fall in love with because it is going to be able to have a great time and catch a sport that everyone around the world loves. 

  • 2. Hiroshima Castle -

    When you look at this place you will be shocked to see that this place survived the bombing. The castle is one that is completely stunning and definitely one that you will love being able to explore because of the history and culture that is present in the castle. 

  • 1. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park -

    Hiroshima is a great city that has been rebuilt after being destroyed by the atomic bomb. However, one aspect of the city that is present is the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. This park is able to recall a lot of the beauty that is present and a place that allows you to explore how peace can be brought about. 

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