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Top 7 Attractions - Grand Cayman

Posted on 5 June 2017 by Jerry

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The Caribbean is known for having some beautiful areas and landscaping. However, when you are looking at the Grand Cayman island you will notice that it has a lot of attractions as well. To make sure you have a great vacation you should learn about the top 7 attractions in the Grand Caymans.

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  • 7. North Wall -

    When you are looking at the North Wall, you will find that it is very beautiful and a place that is a breaker for the reeds. This allows you to see some of the beauty that is present, but also enjoy the great water and swimming or diving. 

  • 6. Blow Holes -

    Now this is not the same thing that you would think with a whale, outside of the fact this provides you with water coming up out of the blow holes. These are going to get some of the hot water coming out of the ground and this water is the beautiful water that you can go swimming in. 

  • 5. Davinoff's Concrete Sculpture Garden -

    This is a garden that is unique in the fact that it has concrete sculptures as one of the main attractions. The Davinoff's Sculpture Garden is one that has more sculptures than what you would imagine, but these sculptures are a great in they keep the local culture and animals in mind.

  • 4. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden @QEIIBotanicPark -

    The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden is a location that has plenty of beauty for you to see, but also is a great location that will help keep you occupied looking at the flowers and other plants that are absolutely thriving in the tropical climate here. 

  • 3. Seven Mile Beach -

    At Seven Mile Beach you will notice that it is going to have a great beach, which means enjoying the water, but also has some of the attractions as well. Overall, when combined with the perfect sand, beautiful water, and different rides this is going to be one of the best places to go. 

  • 2. Cayman Islands National Museum @CIMuseum -

    Are you looking for something to do that explores natural history? If you are then you will love the Cayman Islands National Museum. If you are able to explore this it will allow you to see the national history, but also all the natural history of the island as well. 

  • 1. Stingray City -

    Taking advantage of the clear waters surrounding the island you will notice Stingray City is great for snorkeling, but also for swimming with the beautiful Stingrays. This allows you to have a great time and enjoy the beautiful water and the stingrays that are swimming in the area. 

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