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Top 7 Attractions - Bermuda

Posted on 16 May 2017 by Jerry

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Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Bermuda is a very beautiful place that you can travel to. However, it is also a place that you will want to explore as well. To do this properly you should know about some of the best attractions in Bermuda and that is why we present the Top 7 Attractions In Bermuda. 

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  • 7. Blue Hole Park -

    This is a great park that you will want to explore because you will have quite a few things to see and do, but the beauty is stunning when you are at the region. Either way this place is very tranquil and so far unspoiled, even with the popularity of the park. 

  • 6. Bermuda Aquarium, Zoo, and Museum @BdaZooSociety -

    Three different features that are all combined into one is going to be a great thing. When you are here you will find the location has all of these features at once and this is going to make it easier for you to have a great time because you are able to explore the different features of the land and the animals, but also learn about the past. 

  • 5. Crystal Cave -

    Have you wanted to explore some of the most unique and beautiful cave systems in the world? If you have then you will fall in love with Crystal Cave that has some of the most beautiful features that you can find in the cave complex. 

  • 4. Royal Naval Dockyard -

    While the Royal Navy does not dock here as often as what it did before, this is a place that you are going to like going to be cause of the history that is present. However, when you look at the unique shopping and eating you will know you have a great place to go to and eat at. 

  • 3. Bermuda Botanical Gardens -

    The Bermuda Botanical Gardens is a location that has a total of 36 acres covered in a wide variety of plants, shrubs, and other items that you are simply going to fall in love with and want to see because some of them are native to the island and only seen here. 

  • 2. Horseshoe Bay -

    If you want to visit one of the most popular and famous beaches in the world then you need to go to Horseshoe Bay. This is a location that has provided people with plenty of swimming time, but also a great beach that has some of the best water in the world with comfortable sand to enjoy. 

  • 1. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse -

    If you want to have a commanding view of the island and the surrounding area then you will want to visit one of the islands lighthouses. This is why you should go to the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, but also you need to realize this is a great way for you to see the island and explore what you want to see.

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