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The Big Easy: Top 7 Sights In New Orleans

Posted on 21 May 2014 by Mary Kern

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Bourbon Street

The things you Must See in New Orleans

Taking it Easy in the Big Easy

New Orleans is known for many things, especially parties and parades. But, festivals are not the only thing New Orleans has to offer. Take a look at our pick for the top 7 sights to see in this great city.

7. Po-Boy's Festival

Stop in any chosen location to try a po-boy. That is definitely an experience not to be missed while in New Orleans. But, if that just is not enough, come when the po-boy festival is taking place and see that unique sight.

6. Ogden Museum of Southern Art

This special museum houses a collection of art created below the Mason Dixon line. Expect to see paintings, photographs, and ceramic art here.

5. Jackson Square

Jackson square is said to be the heart and soul of the French Quarter, with the statue of Andrew Jackson as its grand centerpiece and artists and fortune tellers surrounding the outer edges.

4. City Park

This special park has been restored to its former glory after Hurricane Katrina destroyed it. Perhaps it is a symbol of the spirit of survival among the city's people.

3. Streetcars

A person simply cannot go to new Orleans without seeing one of the famous street cars. Go ahead, hop a ride on one of these historical trollies.

2. Bourbon Street

New Orleans wouldn't be New Orleans without Bourbon Street. The city is known for its unique musical styling, especially jazz, that gain their origins from this great street.

1. Mardi Gras

New Orleans is perhaps most famous for the Mardi Gras parade taking place there every year. This is why it ranks number one on our list. Who doesn't want to see a famous parade and festival in person?

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