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The Best Pizza in Chicago: Top 7 Pizza Places in Downtown Chicago 2014

Posted on 10 April 2014 by Mitch Wilson

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The Top 7 Pizza Places In Chicago

Where To Get the Best Pizza in Chicago

Chicago is a great food town and one of the many foods that put Chicago on the map is the pizza. While Chicago is known for the deep dish, there are plenty of other good pizzas in the Windy City and a few of them make the list.

A few things I want to note here if you are a tourist: 1) you might have to wait to get in to one of these places, and a lot of them let you order while you are in line, Do it. 2) These pizza’s take at least a half-hour to cook so that is another half hour you will wait and as your hunger builds. You might end up eating too much and with Chicago pizza, as good as it is, you will regret it. Take it slow 3) If you live in a city that carries Home Run Inn Pizza in the frozen food section, try it. While I don’t like the pizza at the actual restaurant, almost any Chicagoan will tell you a frozen Home Run Inn pizza is the way to go. Anyways, here’s my list:

7) Bar Toma – Bar Toma is a pizza bar, that in itself is an idea that to me has simply been a long time coming, and although it isn’t deep dish, it is brick oven, it still squeaks onto the list. While it still makes the list, Bar Toma is one of those place that are great when they open and start to slide as they try to make too much of a statement about who they are, and less about what people want. If your name happens to be Tony Mantuano and you wonder why this place is getting less and less crowded, it’s called building a restaurant that makes your food accessible and then putting a bunch of things on the menu that are really expensive, hard to pronounce, and doing it at prices and portions that people could have pretty much gone anywhere to eat. Try the Gelato, it will make you feel better about the mediocre appetizer you paid 14 bucks for. The Pizza is really good. Try to ignore the waiter who tries to explain what you want and how you want to eat it and bussers who will take your plate with half of your food still on it.

6) Pizzeria Uno and Pizzeria Due – The original Chicago style pizza joint is still there and while most people’s first comment is “ wow, this place is small”, the pizza is still the same and still pretty good.  You are probably in for a pretty decent line so you might want to hit Pizzeria Uno at an off hour.

5) Giordano’s – If you are a tourist and you want to eat where the tourists eat and still get Chicago style pizza Giordano’s is the place for you. I hardly see a weekend night in any kind of weather where people aren’t lined up wafting for this place. Giordano’s is a stuffed pizza so bring your appetite, it is simply a lot of food. They have over 40 locations now. 

4) Piece – Piece isn’t Chicago style pizza, it is New Haven style pizza, but it easily makes this list as one of the best pizza places in Chicago. If you can make it in the land of the deep dish, still pack in people, add a little atmosphere, then you are in. Piece has all kinds of beers, entertainment, and just has a great energy about it. One of the nice things about Piece is usually when the waiter arrives it is someone who at first impression you might think “oh no, this kid is never going to get it right”, but they always do from start to finish. I love this place. The pizza's are gigantic, I always seem to finish it or at least finish it off at home that night.

3) Pequod’s – I’ll admit it, I don’t go to this place as often as some of the others and it doesn’t mean I like it less, it just is a little inconvenient as far as getting to and parking. Pequod’s has the caramelized crust and in case you don’t know what that is, they take a bunch of the cheese and somehow put it on the crust so that it caramelizes when cooking. Trust me, it is a really good idea, genius. A testament to how this place thrives in a mediocre at best location as far as accessibility and on a street where restaurants just come and go is nothing short of a huge accomplishment in itself, forget about the fact we are talking Chicago pizza in Chicago.

2) Pizano’s – I used to go to Pizano’s as my number one but then a few things happened with the big one being Oprah Winfrey saying that the Pizano’s thin crust was her favorite pizza in the world. Oprah didn’t stop there, she said it all the time, she even sent a bunch of Pizano’s pies to Ellen DeGeneres’ audience when Ellen did her show in Chicago for a day. I have some news for Oprah, the deep dish at Pizano’s is pretty awesome too and from sauce to crust there is a reason people are waiting outside for this place now, not just because Oprah says it is good, but it really is worth the wait.

1) Lou Malnati’s – This is how good Lou Malnati’s is: they still make number one on my list despite screwing up my order on no less than seven out of every 10 times I visit them or order take out or delivery. For gifts I often will have Lou’s ship out a few pizza’s to people, they mess that up too, but they are still number one. I have had waiter’s forget about me, I am still waiting for my tea from the last time I ate there, and it is still number one. I’ll just throw out a few magic words here: Butter Crust and a sauce that you dream about. Every time I eat a bad meal no matter the price, I always say the same thing, I should have just gone to Lou’s.

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