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Sightseeing Must See List: Top 7 Tallest Buildings in the United States

Posted on 8 May 2014 by Park Rodgers

The Tallest Buildings in the US: Scraping The Sky

A View of the World From the Top

The list of the tallest buildings both in the United States and World seems like it is changing all of the time but in the US at least, it is really the same group of players over and over or for quite some time. While just about every major US city has a building they think everyone knows about because it is the biggest around, the reality of this one is that all of the tallest buildings in the United States are in two cities, New York and Chicago. Here’s the current list:

7) John Hancock Center, Chicago, IL- Built in 1969 the John Hancock Building has 100 floors and is 1,127 feet high. The Hancock is right on Michigan Avenue, the heart of the shopping district in the Windy City, making it one of the more visited sights.

6) Aon Center, Chicago, IL- The Aon is one of the more recognizable buildings in the world as it’s top is a large angle giving it a very distinctive look and why at only 83 floors is still reaches 1,136 feet.

5) Bank of America Tower, New York, NY- Built in 2008 the BOA Tower is the third newest building on this list. At 54 floors it also easily has the fewest floors of any on this list though it stretches 1,200 feet in the air.

4) Empire State Building, New York, NY- Built in 1931 the Empire State Building is the old standby on this list easily besting the next oldest by several decades. At 102 floors and 1,250 feet it still holds it own against the newer more modern buildings and the tourists flock to it and pay top dollar to go to the top.

3) Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago, IL-Built in 2009 the Trump is another monster of a building in a city filled with tall buildings. At 96 floors the Trump stretches 1,362 feet in the air not to mention it has some of the best amenities on the planet regardless of the height of the building.

2) Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower) Chicago, IL- No matter what you prefer to call it the Willis Tower is still a giant and at 110 floors has the most floors of any building in the United States. The Willis Tower stands at 1,451 feet.

1) One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) New York, NY- The Freedom Tower replaces the Twin Towers that stood before it and has a memorial remembering those who lost their lives on that fateful day. At not coincidently 1,776 feet the Freedom Tower is a symbol that America will never back down nor be stopped by terrorists or anyone else. 

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