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Seattle - Top 7 Coffee Shops

Posted on 27 July 2017 by Erica

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Milstead CO

Seattle is a city that is mainly known for having Starbucks and being home to Starbucks when it comes to coffee. However, a little bit of exploration of the city makes it easier for you to find a wide range of coffee shops to visit and enjoy. With that in mind we went out and ranked the top 7 coffee shops in Seattle. 

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  • 7. Slate Coffee Bar @slatecoffeeballard -

    Slate is a place that will knock your socks off. The place has some fantastic coffee and it shows that they take care with the brewing and roasting process of the coffee. We have to admit we love any of the coffee they brew, but the plain black coffee is amazing.

  • 6. Caffe Fiore @CaffeFioreSeattle -

    Caffe Fiore is a great location that has some fantastic food and can provide you with a Mexican type of twist on the food and drinks you get from the place. Our favorite drink from Caffe Fiore is the plain coffee, but if you are vegan they have a great menu option for you to peruse through as well.

  • 5. Monorail Espresso @Monorail-Espresso -

    Drinking coffee is easy to do, but forming a great relationship with the baristas takes time and that is what you get at Monorail. The baristas are friendly and will form a relationship with you if you let them, just take time to listen to them talk. When they are done with your drink you are guaranteed to get the best creme brulee latte ever. 

  • 4. Espresso Vivace @espressovivace -

    Espresso Vivace is a charming place that has some great coffee and even has some drinks you can get in porcelain cups for a sit down drink. Either way getting it to go or drinking in you will not be disappointed. Our favorite drink from Espresso Vivace is the high quality Cafe Latte. 

  • 3. La Marzocco Cafe @lamarzoccocafe -

    La Marzocco is a place that has some of the great atmosphere you would want to have in a coffee shop. However, one thing it has going for it as well is the fact they have some really good pastries. Our favorite is a double shot mocha. 

  • 2. Elm Coffee Roasters @elmcoffee -

    Located in the beautiful Pioneer Square area you will find Elm Coffee Roasters. This is a location that is simply amazing and has some great drinks and lovely views as well. What is even better is the espresso is hands down one of the best in the city. 

  • 1. Milstead & Co. @milsteadandco -

    Milstead is a place you will enjoy because it has a very relaxed atmosphere and great coffee to drink. What is even better is the wide choice of drinks off of the menu. Our favorite is the mocha, but only if it is made with the Theo chocolate. 

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