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San Francisco's Top 7 Seafood Restaurants

Posted on 9 July 2017 by Sue

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Finding the best seafood restaurant is a great thing to do, but when you are in a city with a harbor it is nearly impossible to do. With that being said, you are going to love the fact that we have narrowed down the top 7 seafood restaurants to visit in San Francisco. 

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  • 7. Franciscan Crab Restaurant @franciscanrestaurant -

    Franciscan Crab Restaurant is a place you will like because it has stunning views that compliment the food completely. The dish that we love from Franciscan Crab Restaurant is the amazingly stunning Octopus Carpaccio. 

  • 6. Pacific Catch @pacificcatch -

    Pacific Catch is a place you will enjoy because it has a great way to enjoy the food. However, what you are going to like with Pacific Catch is the sushi that is present and that is easily the dish we love to eat. 

  • 5. Swan Oyster Depot @SwanOysterDepot -

    When you want to go to a place that is a no frills type of place, then you will enjoy the fact that Swan Oyster Depot is a great place that has been around for a while. What is great here is the fantastic oysters that you can enjoy. 

  • 4. Fog Harbor Fish House @fogharborfishhouse -

    Fog Harbor Fish House is a great location that has some great food. What else is nice is the stunning views that you have available for the bay. We enjoy the clam chowder that is very amazing. 

  • 3. Anchor and Hope @Anchor-and-Hope -

    Anchor and Hope is a location that you will like because it is going to have some great food and a fantastic seafood remind atmosphere. What else you will like is the fantastic lobster roll. 

  • 2. Scoma's Restaurant @ScomasSF -

    Scoma's is a place that is going to have some great food that everyone will love because of how fresh it is. However, you will also enjoy the fact this is a place that has a fantastic atmosphere as well. What you will love is the lobster bisque. 

  • 1. Farallon @FarallonSF -

    Farallon is a place that has a great sustainable seafood restaurant and has a great atmosphere you will love. In fact, the atmosphere tends to have an under the sea type of feel to it. What we love the most is the sablefish they have on the menu here. 

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